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When it comes to the aesthetics of a breast, most people, not just men but also women, believe that ‘the larger, the better.’ Most fashion firms have established the perception that a busty woman is always desirable in the fashion and entertainment worlds. This has influenced not just how we perceive women on screen, but also how we perceive women in our everyday lives. As a result, women are pushed to seek something that conforms to conventional beauty standards. However, cutting-edge cosmetic treatments have enabled women to obtain their desired ‘ideal breast size’ with minimally invasive procedures, says Dr. Sumit Malhotra, an excellent cosmetic surgeon, at SIPS Hospital based in Lucknow. That’s how we know that we have progressed medically. 

Women who want to enhance their cup size, on the other hand, should examine their body proportions. According to a recent study, the ideal breast size has a 45:55 percent ratio, and its overall attractiveness is more essential than its size. The rationale behind the 45:55 formula is discussed in the following sections of this article to help you obtain your ideal shape. So let’s talk!

Scientifically, what is an ideal breast size?

According to Dr. Patrick Malucci, From a scientific standpoint, ideal breast size is thought to have a ratio of 45:55 percent. The reasoning for this ratio is that 45 percent of the breast is above the nipple and 50 percent is below the nipple. As a result, the perfect breast has nipples that appear to point upwards at around 20 degrees, which Dr. Malucci refers to it as a “beckoning” breast.

Dr. Patrick Malucci performed a survey in which he assembled a group of people of different genders, ethnicities, and cultures and asked them to rate four breasts that would be shown to them. and, to his satisfaction, 87 percent of those surveyed picked the breast with a 45:55 percent ratio. Thus, all of the data revealed that the upper breast should be somewhat smaller than the lower breast following the survey.

Understanding the concept of ideal breast size

Despite adhering to the correct breast proportion percentage, there is no one breast that fits well for all women. We all have unique body shapes, and as stated before in this article, the overall appearance of the breast is more important than its size. However, there is a certain body type, and there should be a breast size that fits that unique body. While determining breast size without the assistance of a board-certified plastic surgeon might be challenging, a self-examination of your real breast can help you establish if your breast size is appropriate for your individual body type.

There are four standard body types, and in each of these body types, there is a specific breast shape that fits perfectly to that particular body type. Let’s go over each body type and the ideal breast size for your better understanding – 

  1. Apple-shaped bodies – Women with an apple-shaped body have a wider waist and a wider lower body region. Busty or larger breasts will be an excellent breast size and shape for this body type to balance this out.
  2. Pear-shaped bodies – Women with a pear-shaped body type typically have broadened hips and a defined waist. Moderately sized breasts balance out the large hips and waist, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.
  3. Hour-glass-shaped bodies – Since Kim Kadarshian popularized this body shape, it has gained popularity. This body type, which has a proportionate upper and lower body, has become a typical form of beauty. This body type is best suited to small-to-moderate breast size.
  4. Rectangular-shaped bodies – The upper and lower body of women with this shape are uniform, as the name implies; it resembles the hourglass figure without a well-defined waistline. A larger breast size balances and adds a perceptible curvature to a rectangular-shaped physique.

Consider breast shape in addition to the ideal breast size

In addition to the 44:55 percent ratio, ladies undergoing breast augmentation should consider the form of the breast. It is critical to examine the type of your body rather than the size when choosing a suitable and ideal implant. Dr. Sumit Malhotra suggests that ladies should consider how their breasts would seem in their naked form while consulting with their plastic surgeons. Instead of emphasizing fullness, the general appearance of the breasts should be highlighted.

While Dr. Malucci’s formula might be effective in assisting patients in achieving scientifically “ideal” breast proportions, your personal goals for the treatment should be the most essential factor when it comes to breast augmentation. The 45:55 ratio can be used as a guide, but it is ultimately up to each patient, in consultation with their plastic surgeon, to determine which size and shape are ideal for their unique needs. It is also important to realize that, while the 45:55 ratio is promoted as the “perfect” breast proportion, there is no such thing as optimum breast size or form. Every woman is different, and your specific anatomy must be considered to identify the best course of action for you.

Do men really care about big breasts? 

In today’s society, where fashion has impacted our concept of beauty, the popular notion appears to be that men like large breasts. Many research, however, shows that male attraction to breast attractiveness is just a function of sociosexual orientation. The majority of the survey results show that when it comes to choosing a woman they desire, men favor intelligence and emotional quotient.

What should you do if your breasts are too big or too small? 

If you are a woman who wants to increase or decrease the size of her breasts, there are surgical and non-surgical alternatives available to you. We are going to discuss it in the following sections.

To increase the size of your breasts you can do the following things :

  • You can try changing your lifestyle – A healthy and balanced diet, along with a regular strength training program, can significantly affect your body’s weight in a positive way, increasing the size of your breasts and giving them a bustier, fuller appearance. Foods high in oestrogen, such as chicken, cucumber, cherries, plums, and walnuts, as well as foods high in phytoestrogens, such as soybean sprouts, peaches, and cashews, can naturally increase breast size and stimulate the formation of healthy breast tissues.
  • Breast augmentation – If breast size improvement is needed, this surgical procedure delivers the quickest results. Breast augmentation is the process of enhancing the size of the breasts by using breast implants or fat grafting.

To decrease the size of your breasts you can opt for the following things

  • Try reducing some weight – Adipose tissues are often dispersed in certain areas of the body, which is referred to as fat deposition in general, including breasts. When we decide to lose weight by eating a balanced diet, fat is normally removed from the body, including the breasts. It is not only healthier, but it also helps to avoid early breast ptosis or sagging.
  • Breast reduction surgery – Breast reduction surgery is intended to eliminate extra breast tissue and fat. Also, to contour the breasts into a more appealing profile. It may also be helpful for breasts with dense tissues rather than fat. As previously stated, breast reduction provides other benefits in addition to reducing breast size, such as restoring posture, balancing breast symmetry, and perhaps treating back discomfort.

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What is the scope of breast surgery in India?

According to a 2016 ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) survey, 92000 Indian women chose to modify the size and contour of their breasts. In descending order, the most prevalent breast procedures in India were:

  • Breast augmentation with silicone implants – to enlarge tiny breasts.
  • Breast reduction surgery is performed to minimize the size of large breasts.
  • Breast lift surgery is used to raise sagging breasts caused by pregnancy or weight reduction.
  • To increase breast size, fat is transferred into the breasts.

In total, 3,08,9952 women got cosmetic breast surgery worldwide, a 10% increase over 2015.

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to breast aesthetics, breast size has long been a criterion of appeal. Over the last few decades, both men and women have preferred larger breasts. This long-held view, however, was questioned and discredited with the discovery of the perfect breast size.  While the ideal breast size has been determined, plastic surgeons remind women that they do not need to comply with what is ideal, says Dr. Sumit Malhotra. What matters is how you feel about yourself and your body. True beauty is found inside. Breasts will always be admired, regardless of their size, shape, feel, or appearance.

Dr. Sumit Malhotra is the best cosmetic plastic surgeon in Lucknow and is famous for his exceptional techniques used in treating his patients. With 19+ years of experience, Dr. Sumit Malhotra fully understands the human body and applies the appropriate technology needed to treat the patient’s body parts according to their desires. Dr. Sumit Malhotra currently practices in SIPS, Superspeciality Hospital, Lucknow where he has been operating since 2005.

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