Hymenoplasty Treatment in Lucknow

What is the Hymenoplasty ?

Hymen is a pinkish membrane that covers vaginal opening. While it facilitates sexual intercourse, giving the ultimate pleasure, it also keeps the dirt and germs away from the vagina.Hymenoplasty hence refers to the surgery that restores the broken hymen and hence virginity in the females.
Mostly, vaginal penetration leads to the breaking of hymen, which tends the females to bleed and lose virginity. If it happens right after the marriage, during the first coitus then everything appears fine. Nevertheless, if the hymen is already broken, the society is all set to tarnish the character of a woman.

Why do hymen breaks?

Relating broken hymen with virginity is indeed a blot to the mindset of people in the 21stcentury. After all, sex is not the only reason behind it. A woman can break her hymen while exercising, cycling, walking, rope skipping, horse riding, or when inserting a tampon. Still, most of the females prefer restoring their hymen before their marriage so that no stigma follows them later on. Some might want enhanced hymen to surprise their bed partners or simply to beautify their vaginal portion. Hymenoplasty is the ideal procedure for the same.

Do you qualify for hymenoplasty?

You are a good candidate to undergo hymen restoration procedure if:

  • You are a healthy woman and above 18 years of age..
  • You want to restore your hymen for cultural or religious reasons.
  • You want to astonish your partner with a reinstated hymen.
  • You want your most sensitive part to look aesthetically more pleasing, as repeated sex is likely to leave your vagina stretched and torn apart.

These three specific conditions also make you a suitable candidate of hymenoplasty.

  • Septate hymen: A condition where the middle of your hymenal membrane consists of a band of extra tissue, causing two different openings of vagina instead of a single opening. This can make sexual intercourse or getting a tampon inside or outside the vagina difficult.
  • Imperforate hymen: A condition where a thin membrane covers the opening of the vagina completely and possibly by birth. This may cause problems for the menstrual blood to flow out of the vagina.
  • Microperforate hymen: A condition where a thin membrane covers the opening of the vagina almost completely. The tiny opening makes it difficult to insert a tampon inside the vagina.

1) A successful hymen reconstruction surgery depends very much on your preparation. The surgeon will help you in this endeavor with several useful instructions. He can ask several questions such as:
a) Your expectations with the surgery.
b) Your intention to go for the surgery.
c) Your knowledge about the possible risks and complications associated with hymenoplasty.
d) Your medical past and if you are taking some medications at present.
2) Answering all the questions with honesty would help you effectively in enhanced results. Besides, abiding by the preparatory measures below would also be equally beneficial.
a) Avoid smoking at least two weeks before going for the surgery and two weeks afterward.
b) Avoid consuming alcohol for at least three days prior to the surgery.
c) Stop any anti-inflammatory medicine that you are taking, as per the instruction of your surgeon.
d) If you are on birth control pills, stop them ten days before hymenoplasty.
e) Make sure to get away with any past medical condition completely before the treatment, such as a bacterial or vaginal fungal infection.

During hymen restoration, the surgeon puts back the torn edges of hymen to make it intact, i.e., the construction of new hymen takes place from the tissue of original torn hymen.
1) To start the procedure, the expert will administer local or general anesthesia, or intravenous sedation, as the case may be.
2) The entire treatment will take around 30 to 60 minutes and is best to perform on an outpatient basis.
3) The surgeon will use dissolved stitches to suture the skin membrane back together, which concealed the vaginal opening earlier on a partial basis.
4) The best thing is that the surgery will leave behind no scar.
5) If done correctly, the restored hymen will tear apart and bleed during persistent sexual intercourse.

1) Due to prompt blood supply to labia, the hymen will heal quickly
2) Considering the outpatient nature of hymenoplasty, you can be out of the surgery room after 60 to 90 minutes of the procedure.
3) The patient can start doing light activities within a day or two.
4) Complete recovery may take around 2 weeks.
5) The absorbable sutures will dissolve on their own

1) It is best to clean the surgical wound with sanitary wipes after urinating
2) Oral medication as prescribed by the surgeon shall cure the mild discomfort in the starting days of the surgery
3) The surgeon will prescribe antibiotics, laxative drug, and anti-inflammatory medicines to mitigate your wound pain
4) Take complete rest and avoid doing heavy exercises 2-3 days after the surgery.
5) Specifically, refrain from doing workouts that could affect the movement of your pelvic muscle.
6) Take care not to involve in sex or insert tampons within 6 to 8 weeks of the surgery or as per recommended by the surgeon.

Side effects of hymenoplasty surgery
  • Swelling, bleeding or slight discomfort may arise immediately after the surgery. Taking medicine as recommended by the surgeon will reduce these problems.
  • Giving anesthesia may lead to short-lived vomiting or nausea.
  • Prolonged bleeding may occur in some cases.
  • Infection and vaginal stricture may be some other probable side effects

Wrapping up!

Hymenoplasty is a non-invasive and short procedure that works to restore your virginity. Depending on your body condition and immunity level, the result will start reflecting within two to three months. Afterward, you are all set to indulge in coitus with a restored hymen. If you are undergoing it for your marriage, then the joy will be manifold. Perhaps, the best time to undergo hymenoplasty is around three to four weeks prior to your marriage.
Women prefer this surgery because it is a low-risk procedure and gives satisfying results. Most of the patients even do not face any risk at all. Once you decide to go for a hymen restoration surgery, choosing the best surgery clinic and an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon is imperative. This will help you effectively in getting the expected results.


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