Get Younger Facial Appearance with Face Lift Surgery in Lucknow

Face Lift Surgery

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery technique to make your face look younger. The procedure can lessen drooping skin, skin folds around the jawline and cheeks, and other age-related changes to your face's contour. People opt for facelift surgery to give their faces a more youthful appearance.

Surgeons in Lucknow accomplish this coveted desire of the patients by sculpting the face and eliminating extra facial skin. Experts recommend this surgery in conjunction with fat transfer to fill out facial hollows.

Before selecting the best course of action for therapy, we must consider all the ways that the face ages. Dr. Sumit Malhotra specializes in assorted surgical and non-surgical procedures and provides distinctive facelift surgery in Lucknow. He works to give you the most effective, affordable care possible.

The Ideal Candidate for Face Lift Surgery

Abiding by these specific conditions will make you a suitable candidate for facelift surgery in Lucknow

  • Excessive sagging of the skin.
  • Fat has vanished or dropped.
  • Deep fold lines between the corners of the lips and the nose.
  • A constant tired look on the face
  • Cheeks and jaws with jowls.
  • The loss of contour in the chin area and neck.
  • Excess neck fat causes a double chin to appear.

Procedure and Recovery Time

Step 1 - Anesthesia

Typically, either local or general anesthesia is applied during this surgery in Lucknow. Your surgeon will assess your overall health and will advise you on the best course of action.

Step 2 - The incision

Depending on the facelift option, your surgeon in Lucknow will make an incision on your face. The incision formed during a typical facelift is lengthy and extends around the temples, in the hairline, around the earlobe, and down to the neck. A small incision is made under the chin if extra fat has to be removed or the muscles in the neck need to be smoothed.

Fat from the jowls, face, and neck is removed or repositioned through the incision. Additionally, the surgeon will also move the underlying tissue. Most frequently, the deeper facial muscles and layers are elevated. The extra skin is removed, and the reshaped contours are re-draped over it.

Step 3 - Closing the Incision

A small incision is stitched shut with the use of microscopic sutures. The stitches typically fall out or are removed in a few days. Some surgeons in Lucknow will also seal the incision using skin adhesive. Once the wound has healed, the incision lines blend in with the hairlines and the ear and face's natural contours.

Your face is wrapped after the surgery, but your lips, nose, and eyes will remain uncovered. The dressing is removed after a day or two. If there is a drainage tube installed, it is taken out within a couple of days. Non-dissolving sutures are removed about 5–10 days after placement.

Following your surgery, swelling and bruises are frequent and take a few weeks to go away. For a few days, your skin may feel dry and scratchy and your face may feel rigid. Scars blend in with the skin's natural creases and hairlines, and they gradually disappear over time.

Full recovery takes two to three weeks. Following a facelift in Lucknow, you may resume your normal activities in two to three weeks.

Benefits of the facelift surgery

  • The facelift procedure targets many signs of aging and corrects them in one go.
  • The facelift will help in eliminating a double chin.
  • With the help of this procedure in Lucknow, you can get rid of facial jowls.
  • Tightens up the droopy facial skin and gives a more youthful look.
  • Facelifts help reduce deep facial wrinkles.
  • Facelift procedures in Lucknow can pair with other cosmetic procedures to give more effective results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although it can be done under local anesthetic, we prefer to use general anesthetic in most of the cases.

Our doctors perform this surgery in an outpatient setup and it takes around two to three hours.

Usually, incisions are concealed by the hair and by the natural wrinkles in the skin. Facelift wounds normally heal quite nicely and blend in when done by a skilled and meticulous plastic surgeon.

You may experience mild to moderate discomfort, which will vanish by taking the prescribed medications.

You can return to work one week after your surgery in Lucknow.

A facelift typically lasts 8 to 10 years. While some patients opt to have repeated surgery in Lucknow, others don't think they require another one.

AAs the swelling diminishes, you will notice that your facial skin and underlying muscles appear tighter, usually within a few weeks of your surgery. However, be patient as the full results can take months to emerge.

Before and After Results

  • Mild discomfort after surgery, which is relieved with medicines
  • Temporary skin discoloration and swelling.
  • Minor bruising usually lasts a week or so.
Because of cultural changes, men are no longer expected to have a gruff or worn appearance. Plastic surgery is becoming more popular among men, especially facelifts, so both genders can benefit from it.
It's undeniable that a facelift can make you look better and younger, but it cannot stop the aging process. Unfortunately, whether you get a facelift or not, your face will continue to age.
Although the effects of Botox can continue for months, they are ultimately transient and cannot fix problems like lost muscles or saggy skin. The outcomes of a facelift in Lucknow are more prominent and apparent than those of injectable treatments.
Numerous factors, including excessive sun exposure, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and genetics, can contribute to aging. More significantly, every person has a unique type of skin, which affects his or her aging speed.
It is important to choose an experienced and trained surgeon, and Dr. Sumit Malhotra from Lucknow is capable of doing this procedure with minimum risk and no complications.

Detailed Information For Face Lift

This informed consent document prepared by Dr. Sumit Malhotra informs you about facelift surgery, the risks, and the alternative treatments.

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