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I choose the Tummy Tuck because I had loose skin in my tummy area, and, no matter how much exercise I did… it would not go away. I had seen Dr. Sumit’s work on a woman that I knew, and her stomach looked so flat and nice that I knew that he would do a nice job on me. I am very happy with my Tummy Tuck! He did an amazing job!

My experience with Dr. Sumit was great! The whole crew that was present during my surgery (Butt Lift) made me feel comfortable and confident with the procedure before, during, and after! I am very pleased with the outcome of my results. Everything I asked for was granted, plus they suggested alternate options they could provide for my surgery.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited & happy I am or how his expert hands have transformed my outlook on life! He has surpassed all expectations. I am so pleased & would like to urge anyone that has any concerns to take a good look into my eyes and see what I see. The look of a woman that can face anything with the help and confidence this surgery has given me!

My mommy makeover has been a life-changing experience. As I look back these last two weeks post operation have been the time for revival both physically and emotionally. My decision for having mommy makeover was a desperate call for gaining back control on my life.

Dr. Sumit has been a blessing for me as only a blessing can fill your heart with so much gratitude and happiness that words fall short to express it. Even his team has been very caring and proficient, making me feel that it has been one of the best things I have done for myself.