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What is the Otoplasty ?

Otoplasty refers to treating abnormal, protruding, or injured ears so that they could regain their shape, size and position in proportion with the face. This surgery works effectively in ear correction when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

My ears don’t look good. Can I go for otoplasty?

You have ears that are much smaller or much larger than usual and you want them to be brought to appropriate size and the natural form this surgery is what you may consult your Plastic surgeon for.


The deformities in your ears are affecting your confidence and appearance then instead of that you should take action and opt for corrective surgery for your ear.


Disfigured ears like cups or crooked or protruded ears like bat’s ears are making it hard for you or your young ones to cope up with society then otoplasty would be able to reshape and correct those ears.


An ear injury from the past is making it difficult for you to cope with asymmetrical ears consult for options available in the form of otoplasty.


You or your child has abnormal ears and the ear cartilage is deformed in either situation it is worth to bear the pain of the treatment for few days rather than live whole life with low confidence and feeling pain of embarrassment for life


You met with some accident or suffered injury which led to deformity of ear which you just cannot wait to correct to get back your normal ears, otoplasty surgery is what you need.


Benefits of ear surgery
Correction of protruding ears

Usually, the outer ear of an individual makes an angle of around 25 to 35 degrees with the head. In case the angle goes beyond 35 degrees, the ear will look asymmetrical, prominent and abnormal, hence affecting the facial appearance. Otoplasty can flatten the protruding ears and place them within the usual angular range to improve one’s visual appeal.


No need of long hair styles to hide your new natural ears

Otoplasty is an effective ear surgery to correct the tissues of cupped, folded, too large or too small ears. This eventually gives your auricle a natural look and sets you free from the facial asymmetry that has been bothering you since long.


Safe day care procedure quick recovery

Ear surgery helps to correct the anomalies in the ears of young ones and the adults with minimal risks. The treatment is safe and the patient can resume their usual activities within around two weeks of undergoing otoplasty.


Long lasting results

When performed through the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, ear surgery can bear fruitful and long lasting results. Ideally, it would take around two hours to complete the procedure. Once the surgeon removes bandages a few days after the surgery, the patient can have corrected ears with more natural auricles for life.


Big boost to self-esteem; socialize and make more friends

At times, the young ones find it daunting to accept their appearance due to unfortunate behavior of the society toward them. Schoolmates bully such kids more often, relatives and neighbors call them with unpleasant names, and even the parents get worried due to the protruding ears of their children. A perfectly done otoplasty helps them to break free from such social suffering, making them more confident and positive than ever.


Frequently Asked Question

The abnormal ears could be due to a congenital condition or they might have developed at a later stage in the body. An accident or an injury could also be one of the reasons behind problematic ears.

Otoplasty can show best results in young children above the age of six as by that time, they have developed around 90% of their ears.

Surgeons may perform cartilage sparing or cartilage splitting (cutting) depending on the situation of the patient.

It requires the surgeon to create incisions across the ear in order to reposition the large blocks of auricular cartilage.

It involves creating comparably thinner incisions with better curls and angles inside the cartilage. It is a widely practiced method by most of the surgeons.

Microtia is a medical condition where a child (mostly baby boy) has deformed or no ears since birth. It results in a very narrow canal for partially formed ears or no canal in case of absence of ears. Mostly it affects one ear although rarely both the ears are affected by microtia. Perhaps, ear reconstructive surgery can be helpful in restoring the ear and hearing capabilities of the child in such cases.

Myths about ear reshaping surgery
Otoplasty is for adults only

A child can be a good candidate for ear reshaping surgery if his or her ear cartilage has become sturdy enough to withstand the treatment. In fact, young kids can have far better otoplasty results than adults, as their ears are fully mature, malleable and can respond actively to the surgery at the age of 6 years.


Otoplasty will change hearing capability.

Ear surgery involves reshaping or molding the ears to minimize protrusion and bring them closer to the head. The treatment has nothing to do with the inner or middle ears, which are sensitive to hearing. It involves the outer ear only and therefore does not affect listening capability.


The symmetry of your ears will be perfect after the surgery.

The surgery can make your ears appear symmetrical but there is never any assurance of perfection. This is because of the fact that no two ears are the same. The ultimate objective of otoplasty is to improve the ear cartilage and skin in order to make the position, size and shape of the ears in proportion with each other and with the face.


Microtia is common among girls

Microtia is a condition of absent or incompletely formed ears. This congenital defect affects boys more than girls. Moreover, it can have a severe impact on the right ear as compared to the left one.


Otoplasty patient takes a long time to recover

: You can recover within two to three weeks after undergoing ear reconstruction surgery. All you need is to strictly abide by the instructions of your board certified plastic surgeon. Wearing an ace bandage around the head is advisable for speedy recovery. Bruising and swelling would heal within 15 days.


Otoplasty is not at all important

If you have abnormal ears, you can better understand the insult and criticism you are bound to face in the society. Large protruding ears can pose a major setback to one’s confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, a child facing this problem from birth may go into social isolation due to the society making fun of his ears. Thankfully, otoplasty emerges as an important mode to save the kids and adults from such society trials.


Side effects of Otoplasty
  • Scarring is among the most probable post traumatic deformities of otoplasty, but you can hide those scars behind the ears
  • There could be a possibility of blood clots and infection after the ear reconstruction surgery
  • Allergic reactions such as aching or itching caused due to sutures, antiseptic solutions or dressing applied at the site of the surgery
  • You may feel numbness after the procedure due to the regeneration of nerves close to the ears
  • Pain or swelling in the ears, which can heal through medicines prescribed by the surgeon.
  • In case of trauma, fever or uncontrolled bleeding in the operated location, prompt medical intervention will be necessary
  • The result of ear surgery may be far from being symmetric. Changes in the health method or inability to correct any already existing ear asymmetry may lead to flaws in proper ear placement
  • There may occur skin sensation in the treated site because of ear repositioning during otoplasty. In very rare cases, this condition may become permanent
  • At times, otoplasty may tend the skin above the ear cartilage to die. This may cause ulcer in that portion and take considerable time to heal


Why Choose Us

Dr. Sumit Malhotras's unique, integrated approach to plastic surgery employs only safe, effective, predictable surgical techniques that are driven by uncompromising respect for the natural condition of the human form.He understands that the body changes with time – as do desires.

His integrated approach includes

  • Individualized treatment plan matched to the anatomy, lifestyle, age of an individual.
  • Goal of a natural, balanced outcome with a pleasing appearance.
  • Safe, predictable options clearly understood by the patient.
  • Active patient participation in their education & choices.
  • Safe, world class environment & technologies.
  • Excellent…uncompromising service.Enjoyable experience & outcomes for each patient.
  • Enjoyable experience & outcomes for each patient.

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King George Medical University, Lucknow
1997-2000, 2002-2006.
Safdarjung hospital, Plastic surgery and Burn Unit
All India Institute of Med Sciences, New Delhi
Master of Surgery, Plastic Surgery 2002
Masters of Surgery 2000
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 1994


Professional Experience

SIPS, Superspeciality Hospital, Lucknow
Since 2005 to date.

Assoc. Prof., ERA's Medical College, Lko
Smile train surgeon (2000+ CLEFT success)
Micro vascular surgeon (revascularized 150+ limbs)
Ex Sr. Resident, Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi
Ex Resident doctor AIIMS
Ex Chief Resident Dept of plastic surgery, KGMC, Lko
Surgeon served as a lead consultant; Cancer
Reconstructive Surgery
Trauma Consultant for the hospital
Burn Specialist Consultant


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  • Association of Surgeons of India, Life Member.
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