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What is the mole removal?

Moles are the benign spots or skin patches that exist on your skin right from your birth. They can be flat or elevated and can have any of the multiple colors like black, brown, flesh-colored, pink, purple, etc. Usually, moles are harmless but those developed at a later stage can cause skin cancer.

Should I get my mole removed? You can go for mole removal if:
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You do not consider it as a beauty mark and want to have an aesthetically appealing appearance


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You want to break free from the irritation that it causes to your skin


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You find your mole awkward with respect to the rest of your body


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You cannot shave properly because of your mole


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It is cumbersome to cover your mole with makeup, while going to the office, attending an event, etc.


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You believe that your mole is not normal anymore and is changing its color, shape and size.


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A continuously growing mole is increasing your apprehension of skin cancer


Benefits of Mole Removal surgery
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While shaving, you might often get cuts or miss to eliminate some hair due to moles on those locations. A mole removal surgery will set you free from such hassles when shaving.


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A mole can irritate your skin while wearing a dress or jewelry. A cosmetic surgery to remove it can set you free from such problems


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At times, a big mole, a skin tag or a wart existing anywhere in your visible body portion can lower down your self-confidence. Visiting a plastic surgeon to remove it can enable you regain your self-esteem.


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Aesthetic reasons could be a prominent reason behind opting for mole removal. You may want to be beautiful and charming as ever.


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If you are a model, associated with the glamorous film industry, or a public figure, you would not like a congenital mole or a skin tag developed at an early stage of your life to obstruct your appearance.


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In rare instances, moles change color and shape, which is an indication of a severe skin cancer called melanoma. Perhaps biopsy of any such suspicious mole at the right time will save you from any such dreaded disease.


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You might often feel pain in your head or find it difficult to comb your hair due to a mole placed close to a hair follicle. A mole removal plastic surgery is perhaps a beneficial solution in this regard.


Frequently Asked Question

The different types include congenital, dermal, junction, and compound moles.

The surgeon or the dermatologist can remove moles through various surgical and not surgical methods. These include excising (cutting), shaving, freezing, Carbon dioxide laser vaporization, liquid nitrogen, radiofrequency ablation or laser technique.

Patients having light skinned moles and shallow moles are ideal for laser technique.

When the moles cause itching or bleeding, are above 6 mm in size, or change color rapidly, medical intervention becomes indispensable.

Moles are benign pigmented spots that mostly exist since birth anywhere in the body. A skin tag appears like a hanging skin on the neck, eyelids, underarms, breasts, etc. Warts refer to skin growth caused due to any of the 150 human papillomavirus (HPV).

This form of skin lesion refers to the harmless and noncancerous moles developed due to increase of melanocytes, which produce melanin.

Myths about mole removal treatment
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Moles can reappear after their surgical elimination.

Once removed completely, moles generally do not appear on your body again, especially, when the surgeon excises the subcutaneous cells in the initial procedure itself. However, if some of the cells remain left behind underneath the skin, they may act as seeds, hence tending the mole to regrow. The expertise and precision of your dermatologist or plastic surgeon would matter significantly in this context.


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Moles grow with the age of a person, so there is no harm with their increasing size.

Moles grow with the age of a person, so there is no harm with their increasing size.


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If a mole is growing persistently, it is cancer.

There could be many other factors to consider before you deem a mole to be the sign of cancer. These include asymmetry in the shape and size of the mole, irregular border, a different color than other moles in your body. Moles with larger diameter - bigger than a pencil eraser, continuously evolving in terms of color, shape and size with time could also pose severe threats.


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Laser is superior to Surgery as a method to remove moles.

Surgery is one of the best options to get away with moles. Laser-based treatments are effective in removing shallow or superficial lesions. Complete removal especially, if you are concerned about chances of cancer in future, can be ensured only by surgery. The type or location of mole. Your experienced Plastic Cosmetic surgeon will be able to guide you best and help you choose the best option for you.


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The method to remove moles and warts is the same.

The selection of an ideal method to get away with the warts or the moles depends largely on the patient’s skin condition. So, the method could be the same or different. Cryotherapy or cryosurgery, and laser treatment are effective to treat both these conditions. Discussing the type of your mole or wart with your plastic surgeon would be wise.


Side effects of mole removal surgery
  • Infection, such as reddening of the treated area.
  • Sepsis, or blood infection if the infection remains untreated.
  • Burning sensation in the skin and the operated site.
  • Pain or irritation in the treated location.
  • Allergic behavior to anesthesia.
  • In rare conditions, nerve damage.
  • Scar is a common side effect of mole removal, surgeons lessen its effect by using sutures.


Why Choose Us

Dr. Sumit Malhotras's unique, integrated approach to plastic surgery employs only safe, effective, predictable surgical techniques that are driven by uncompromising respect for the natural condition of the human form.He understands that the body changes with time – as do desires.

His integrated approach includes

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  • Enjoyable experience & outcomes for each patient.

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