Why Cosmetic Surgeries Are Rapidly Becoming a Global Craze?

The urge to look good never goes out of date. Despite different standards of beauty over the ages, this desire remains ubiquitous, unisexual, and eternal. While women love flaunting gorgeous appearances, men don’t mind being called with fashionable names like cool dude, or handsome hunk. Therefore, if you aspire to look appealing, you are not alone but join millions across the globe who want to have a slim, sensible, and seductive body. But how?

Cosmetic Surgery: A popular choice 

People often try out different home remedies to fulfill their aspirations. Nevertheless, if you are serious about your body transformation, cosmetic surgery would be the right option.

Whether you wish to spice up your personal life or want to grow in your professional life, an enhanced aesthetic appearance can work wonders. Due to the widespread demand for cosmetic procedures, they are not a luxury anymore but have become a popular choice.

The craze to look aesthetically appealing has engulfed even youngsters, with a bulk of youths opting for treatments like scar removal, acne treatment, nose reshaping, and so on. Right here, we will talk about the reasons for this rapidly rising cultural fad among style-conscious people. Let’s start!

Stats about Cosmetic Surgery

Recently, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) released its annual Global Survey report on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures. It included 1000 participants from 90 nations. Here are some of the important findings:

  • The year 2022 witnessed an 11.2% rise in the procedures done by plastic surgeons.
  • Of these procedures, 14.9 million procedures were surgical and 18.8 million were non-surgical.
  • The report showed a significant rise of 41.3% in aesthetic surgery over the past 4 years.
  • Liposuction, with 2.3 million procedures (21.1% rise since 2021), was the most popular procedure in 2022.

Top 5 surgical procedures in 2022 were:

  • -Liposuction
  • -Breast augmentation
  • -Eyelid surgery
  • -Abdominoplasty, and
  • -Breast lift

Likewise, the top 5 non-surgical procedures in 2022 came out to be:

  • -Botulinum toxin
  • -Hyaluronic acid
  • -Hair removal
  • -Chemical peel and
  • -Non-surgical fat reduction

The reason behind the surge in cosmetic procedures

It is good that both surgical and non-surgical procedures are at an all-time high. People from all across the globe are embracing these methods willfully, making them immensely popular. But what fuels the steep rise of these techniques? Specifically, have you ever thought about the reason behind the global popularity of cosmetic surgeries? Let’s try to find out the reasons right here.

No more societal pressure
People today love to exhibit an enhanced appearance immaterial of their age, cultural background, or gender. This is unlike the erstwhile times when people felt reluctant to opt for a change in appearance due to societal pressure. Today’s men and women think less of ‘what people will say’ and prefer to pay attention to self-enhancement. They do not mind investing in their looks and styles to the extent their budget allows.

Contribution of the pandemic
No doubt, we all need to forget the dreadful COVID-19 era. As a positive aspect, the conclusion of this testing period led to a sudden rise in cosmetic surgeries. Throughout the quarantine period, organizations and individuals relied on virtual communications via social media to remain connected.

Persistent online engagements motivated the people to look better for enhanced confidence during the meetings. Some also felt unhappy with the way they appeared during webinars, client engagements, classroom teachings, etc.

Many people worldwide felt more confident while putting on masks. But they wanted to be equally confident without masks, which inspired them to go for nose jobs or Rhinoplasty surgeries. Not surprisingly, cosmetic surgeries witnessed a significant 30% rise in 2021 compared to 2019 and a 50% increase against the cases in 2020.

Be aware that this period between 2019 and 2020 remained the most affected by the pandemic worldwide. The urge to come out of the isolation and do something aesthetically pleasing is hence obvious.

The role of social media is hard to sideline

Social media has played a big role in the popularity of cosmetic surgery. Here is how:

  • People today are getting quicker and more regular access to the ways their favorite celebs are adopting to look good.
  • Influencers, A-list personalities, and commoners all are making full of social media to share their experiences about their aesthetic appearance. This has concealed the taboos regarding plastic surgery
  • As compared to earlier days, people are now more direct in talking about their cosmetic surgery experiences and inspiring others to opt for the same.

The influence of technology

The continuous advancements and innovations in technology have infused pace, precision, and quality in cosmetic procedures. For instance, the use of tools like ultrasonic saws for Rhinoplasty reduces the trauma risk for patients. But doctors warn patients not to become the victims of gimmicks and satisfy themselves with the methods used by the surgeons they approach before going under the knife.

Global trends

The growing standards in the field of cosmetic surgery are enthralling the governments as well in recommending procedures to their people to raise their beauty standards. The Brazilian government, for example, has subsidized 500,000 surgeries every year, considering beauty as a human right. Likewise, citizens in Iran and Lebanon are widely embracing Rhinoplasty procedures. Ethnic Rhinoplasty is also becoming a hot favorite among people in the United States.

The fall in cosmetic surgery costs

The aesthetic procedures once used to be the affair of affluent people only. Even today, popular celebrities do not mind spending millions to attain their desired look. Thankfully, with a significant increase in the number of cosmetic surgeons, the costs of surgeries have decreased appreciably.

The cultural acceptance of cosmetic surgeries in contemporary times has contributed toward the drop in prices for these aesthetic ways to look fabulous as well. Moreover, doctors also consider cosmetic surgeries as a prevalent option for those wishing to enhance their appearance and well-being.

The rise in the craze for cosmetic surgeries is all set to grow even further. Several reasons contribute to this unprecedented surge. Prominent of these may include easing out of societal and cultural pressure regarding aesthetic methods, reduced costs of cosmetic surgeries, and so on. The need is however to be vigilant and satisfy yourself about the authenticity of the surgeon.

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