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What is Rhinoplasty / Nose Job ?

Surgery for reshaping nose is also called a nose job or Rhinoplasty. It improves irregular and asymmetric nose. It involves multiple different possibilities based on needs of an individual. An expert Cosmetic surgeon will be able to customise the procedure best suited for balanced face and nose profile.

Who Are The Best Rhinoplasty Candidates ?
two women with big noses
Too big too broad too small too flat?

A nose that is too big or too small disrupts the balance of the face. By sculpting the cartilage and bone, a large or broad nose can be reduced. Similarly height of flat nose or length of a small nose can be increased using different options of implants or graft.


Drawing Diagram Inside The Nose Anatom
Deformities causing nasal obstruction

Deviated septum causes discomfort and breathing issues. It may have other structural issues. Correction of both the septum and the shape of nose by Septo-Rhinoplasty will open up the nasal cavities which facilitates better airflow & gives you desired shape of nose in single surgery.


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Nose job for Wide Nostrils or Nasal Bridge

Many patients find their nose or nostrils, either too wide or too narrow. The Narrow or wide nose can be due to the appearance of nasal bridge or tip appearing narrow. The Wide Nasal bridge is most noticeable on frontal view and nostril on worms eye (from below) view.


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Sometimes you may have deformed nose due to Birth defects, or an injury such through an accident or sports may result in a broken nose. Even a previous surgery on your nose may not have given a desired result. Few cases of severe infections, tumors may lead to significant deformities.


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These humps on the bridge of the nose can be a major cause of self-consciousness. Bumps on the bridge of the nose are generally caused by genetics since certain nose shapes and types can run in families.


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Bulbous tip

It is caused by a common skin condition called rosacea. if the rosacea is not properly treated or controlled , within few years the nose can grow and become bulbous.


Benefits of nosejob
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No need to highlight and contour to enhance your nose features.


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An attractive and symmetrical nose can bolster a person’s confidence


 Rhinoplasty Surgery (Nose Job) Procedure

Correct birth defect or injury who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose.


women before nose job

Help to impair breathing due to structural defects.


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Rhinoplasty help to remove the stigma in which you were wrapped up, so effects are not just physical ,they are emotional too.


Frequently Asked Question

Rhinoplasty is done on a same-day basis. Surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia Necessary changes are made to the bone , soft tissue and cartilages and implants are placed if required.

The recovery takes couple of weeks .Splint may be used if bony changes are made.

Among all plastic surgry procedures , rhinoplasty surgery ensures with least amount of discomfort that can be controlled with usage of recommended drugs.

A renowned and a trust-worthy cosmetic surgeon will provide you with a comprehensive as well as customized fee quote which may help you in taking the right decision.

Daily routine activities and basic household chores can be able to resume in 2 to 3 days and it is advisable to return to office work after two weeks of the surgery.

The results of rhinoplasty surgery are permanent .The changes might get affected because of aging.

The risks associated with the procedure are minimized when performed by a specially trained, board-certified plastic  surgeon. This procedure ensures minimal disruption to the natural anatomy of the nose to reduce swelling and bruising.

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An individual can get any ‘new nose.’

We cannot make you look like a celebrity just by changing the structure of your nose. Your appearance can improve , but this surgery in itself cannot guarantee a suitable job or marriage


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A nose job will look unnatural.

The goal of rhinoplasty is to enhance the appearance of the nose and create a more balanced face. Dr Sumit Malhotra does everything he can to achieve this goal with natural outcomes. 


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Rhinoplasty is a painful procedure

Rhinoplasty surgery ensures with least amount of discomfort that can be controlled with usage of recommended drugs. As many of our patients are surprised to find that rhinoplasty recovery is not as painful as they anticipated.


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Only women undergo nose reshaping surgery

More men every year are turning to plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty ,so this procedure is for both, male and female. Many men opt this surgery for medical reasons also.


dr sumit malhotra best plastic surgery dr in lucknow
Any plastic surgeon can perform rhinoplasty

If you want to look natural and well-proportioned, you need to find a proper rhinoplasty surgeon,  he or she should have a talent for artistry and symmetry.  Dr Sumit Malhotra offers a unique option to enhance your looks , persona and build your self confidence. He is board certified plastic cosmetic surgeon in Lucknow, India with experience of over 18 years.


Precautions and side effect
After the operation, the patient might experience numbness in some areas.
  • Temporary skin dicolouration and swelling.
  • Mild discomfort after surgery which is alleviated with medicines.
  • Very fine scar in an open procedure after rhinoplasty ,that most people will not notice.
  • Minor bruising,it usually lasts a week or so.


Why Choose Us

Dr. Sumit Malhotras's unique, integrated approach to plastic surgery employs only safe, effective, predictable surgical techniques that are driven by uncompromising respect for the natural condition of the human form.He understands that the body changes with time – as do desires.

His integrated approach includes

  • Individualized treatment plan matched to the anatomy, lifestyle, age of an individual.
  • Goal of a natural, balanced outcome with a pleasing appearance.
  • Safe, predictable options clearly understood by the patient.
  • Active patient participation in their education & choices.
  • Safe, world class environment & technologies.
  • Excellent…uncompromising service.Enjoyable experience & outcomes for each patient.
  • Enjoyable experience & outcomes for each patient.

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Educational Qualification

M.Ch. Gold Medalist

King George Medical University, Lucknow
1997-2000, 2002-2006.
Safdarjung hospital, Plastic surgery and Burn Unit
All India Institute of Med Sciences, New Delhi
Master of Surgery, Plastic Surgery 2002
Masters of Surgery 2000
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 1994


Professional Experience

SIPS, Superspeciality Hospital, Lucknow
Since 2005 to date.

Assoc. Prof., ERA's Medical College, Lko
Smile train surgeon (2000+ CLEFT success)
Micro vascular surgeon (revascularized 150+ limbs)
Ex Sr. Resident, Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi
Ex Resident doctor AIIMS
Ex Chief Resident Dept of plastic surgery, KGMC, Lko
Surgeon served as a lead consultant; Cancer
Reconstructive Surgery
Trauma Consultant for the hospital
Burn Specialist Consultant


Professional Affiliations

  • Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, Life Member.
  • Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Life Member,
  • Breast Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon’s Association, Life Member,
  • Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand, Life Member,
  • Lucknow Plastic Surgery Club, Member.
  • Association of Surgeons of India, Life Member.
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