Mentoplasty/ Chin Augmentation in Lucknow

Chin Surgery

Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty is a surgical technique to remodel the chin using implant-enhancement or bone-reduction surgery. Experienced and board-certified surgeons are the best to recommend and perform these operations. The method of chin augmentation intends to improve the harmony of facial features and the balance of the chin, jaw, cheek, and forehead.

Surgeons perform this cosmetic surgery and other minor office procedures on the lower jawline and chin area to improve facial proportions, boost confidence, and boost self-esteem. It enhances the look of a weak or receding chin.

Surgeons modify the chin with the addition of a flexible, solid silicone implant, which has a tremendous impact on facial proportions and balance. Chin augmentation in Lucknow produces a stronger profile and can boost a person's self-esteem in general, benefiting both men and women.

The ideal candidate for chin surgery

The conditions below will make you an ideal candidate for chin surgery in Lucknow

  • The people with recessed or protruded chins.
  • Lack of contour in the neck region.
  • Weak facial profile due to insubstantial chin structure.
  • Feature imbalance as it pertains to facial structure.

Procedure and Recovery Time

Step 1 - Anesthesia

Usually, general or local anesthesia is administered before proceeding with chin augmentation. Your surgeon in Lucknow will suggest you the best option depending on the type of procedure you are going for.

Step 2 - The incision

Depending on the technique employed and your surgeon's preferred method, chin augmentation needs a variety of incisions. While some plastic surgeons in Lucknow execute the procedure through an incision within the mouth, others make their incisions under the patient's chin.

Types of chin surgeries -

Sliding genioplasty - The surgeon uses a saw to separate the chin bone from the rest of the jaw during a sliding Genioplasty. The surgeon will adjust a projecting or receding chin by sliding it forward or backward.

The surgery can also fix asymmetry in the chin, as it involves moving or reshaping one side of the chin to match the other. A surgeon in Lucknow will realign the chin bone and then use surgical screws to restore it to the jaw.

Implant augmentation - By securing silicone or plastic implants around the natural chin bone, surgeons can reshape, lengthen, or improve a person's chin. An implant is placed over the chin bone during this treatment, and it is fastened with sutures or screws.

Injections of dermal fillers are a short-term nonsurgical substitute for chin implants. Injecting fillers during this specific augmentation surgery in Lucknow improves the shape of the chin and the appearance of the entire face. Fillers include fat, polycaprolactone, and calcium hydroxyapatite.

Step 3 - Closing the Incision

The skin incisions are closed using sutures, skin adhesives, or tapes. Several variables may influence the recovery time, such as the treatment type, the amount of surgical modifications, the recovery period, and any complications, such as infections. Seven days following the implant augmentation operation in Lucknow, the patient can resume work.

Within a few weeks, the chin may look fully recovered. However, full recovery only occurs when there are no longer any signs of persistent edema, which could take three months. Patients who have undergone implant or sliding genioplasty surgery ought to keep their regular follow-up sessions. This helps their doctor to monitor their progress and address any problems.

Benefits of the chin augmentation surgery

  • Brings your chin in proportion with your other facial features to give an enhanced aesthetic appearance overall.
  • Your recessed or weak chin gets long-lasting strength with the augmentation
  • You can get rid of the asymmetry in your facial features.
  • Reduces your double chin appearance significantly.
  • Your chin, jawline, and neckline will be able to get a comparably more aesthetic makeover.
  • You can regain your confidence and self-esteem with enhanced facial features.
  • It can set you free from temporomandibular joint disorder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The terms "genioplasty" and "mentoplasty" are other names for this procedure carried out by professionals in Lucknow.

The two frequently used procedures to repair the chin are chin implants and sliding genioplasty.

In this technique, the specialist injects dermal fillers to enhance the chin's appearance.

  • You might experience a little numbness in your mouth or on your lips, which may last up to 3 weeks
  • Because of the chin correction procedure in Lucknow, you can get an infection or persistent swelling that could last up to one and a half months.
  • You may experience pain or bruises for up to two weeks following the procedure.
  • Due to the skin's tightening and the removal of drooping skin, you might feel a tingling feeling.
  • In rare cases, the implant may cause allergic reactions in your body or mouth.
Many people believe that the material used to make chin implants is dangerous. The truth is that contemporary implants go through rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for human use.

These implants are secure and can endure a long time without posing any health risks because they are made from synthetic biocompatible materials. You can learn more about this topic from your surgeon in Lucknow.
You can relax knowing and having faith in your cosmetic surgeon in Lucknow. The treatment will be performed without any risks because you are confident in their training and experience.

Moreover, surgeries are growing safer due to continuously improving surgical techniques.In particular, mentoplasty requires the surgeon to make a minimal number of incisions, which further lowers the risk of complications and allows for a quicker recovery.
Men often have a strong chin and jaw. Therefore, people who lack masculine appeal are more inclined to choose the procedure. However, women are as likely to be candidates for this procedure. To improve cosmetic appeal, they would prefer getting implants rather than stronger jaws. Whether they choose chin augmentation or reduction genioplasty, will be decided after consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.
You would talk with the surgeon about your expectations if you were getting chin augmentation surgery. The surgeon will not start the treatment until you are comfortable with the likely outcomes. Therefore, considering abnormal outcomes or the option that would keep your face hidden from the public has no basis.

Simply set reasonable goals for yourself and have complete faith in your surgeon. There will be nothing to conceal, and you will receive a chin that is attractive as the due worth for your investment.
Chin implants have a quicker recovery period than the majority of other cosmetic procedures in Lucknow. This is due to the short surgical time of 2-3 hours. A shorter operation means a quicker recovery.

Detailed Information For Chin Surgery

This is an informed consent document prepared by Dr. Sumit Malhotra to inform you about chin surgery in Lucknow, the risks, and the alternative treatments.

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