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Body Lift Surgery

Body lift surgery is a mix of several surgical treatments that are intended to be performed based on the patient's needs. It treats skin laxity as well as excess fat in the belly, waist, hips, outer thighs, and buttocks, as well as the arms, chest, and face. Body lift surgery is more than just aesthetic surgery, especially for individuals who have lost a lot of weight. It is part of the "New me" strategy, an endorsement and reinforcement of the concluding chapter in a long journey of self-improvement. A moment of 'crowning glory' after taking big risks, enduring major disappointments, and eventually reaching a physique that was once thought to be merely a dream.

The Ideal Candidate For Body Lift Surgery

  • If you have lost a large amount of weight and have maintained a steady weight since then.
  • Your skin has lost its elasticity after the weight loss.
  • You are in a physically healthy condition.
  • You are eating healthy
  • You are emotionally stable and have reasonable expectations.

Procedure and Recovery Time

Step 1 - Anesthesia

Most surgeons opt for general anesthesia to carry out this procedure.

Step 2 - The incision

The next step is to make the necessary incision depending on the procedure that is being performed.

Step 3 - Infiltration

To limit blood loss and soften the fat for smooth extraction, the surgeon will inject a very diluted anesthetic solution into the indicated location. The amount of fluid infiltrated is determined by the quality and quantity of fat, with the remaining region infiltrated with less fluid.

Step 4 - Fat Aspiration

To remove the fat cells, a tiny cannula is inserted beneath the skin and moved back and forth. Liposuction can be performed using a variety of technologies, which are detailed in the liposuction section. The goal is to get rid of any remaining fat after losing weight.

Step 5 - Skin Excision

the excision technique varies according to the plan of the surgery, and they are -

  • Excised extra skin
  • Skin is closed in the form of layers and appropriate elasticity and tension are maintained.
  • Bilateral symmetry
  • Hidden Scar
Drains should be removed between 2 and 6 days after surgery. Only in the evening may one begin walking. The average recovery period following body lift surgery is around 7 days. After 10 days, one can return to a job that does not demand physical exercise. However, avoid intense exercise for at least 1 to 2 months or seek medical counsel.

Benefits of the Body Lift Surgery

  • This surgery results in a slimmer and tighter abdomen as well as the removal of stubborn fat from certain regions.
  • Auto-augmented and well-formed butt
  • Cellulite-like skin irregularities and aberrant creases are smoothed.
  • No more skin irritation and rashes due to friction within abnormal skin folds
  • Breasts that are firm and well-positioned can be auto-enhanced at the same time.
  • Establishes positive body image and self-esteem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although some surgeons do this, Dr. Sumit Malhotra likes to split up these treatments, reducing the length of any single operation, expediting recovery, and maximizing patient safety.

Yes, all surgeries leave scars and incisions; your plastic surgeon will advise you on how to reduce the scars and help them disappear over time.

Most women can resume normal activities after two weeks of surgery, however, exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for six weeks.

Patients may have some discomfort following the body lift treatment, but medication will be prescribed to keep the pain under control.

After this surgery, refrain from strenuous activity for five to six weeks.

Yes, your results are permanent unless you gain a significant amount of weight or become pregnant.

The surgery itself could take anywhere from four to five hours, depending on your specific requirements, and is often carried out under general anesthesia.

A liposuction procedure may not have a set price; it may vary depending on the patient's demands and goals.

  • Pain: Mild discomfort that can be managed with medication
  • Bruising: minimal bruising may temporarily occur in the targeted area.
  • Numbness: Numbness in the targeted region is possible. This should become better in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Scarring: fade within one to two years and can usually be hidden by clothes.
This is a stereotype that only women care about their bodies and look and desire for a certain figure, while the truth is men are equally concerned about the way they appear to be. Every year more and more men are turning towards plastic and cosmetic surgery with the desire to look better than before.
It's not harmful to get pregnant after the body lift surgery, but surgeons recommend waiting till having kids as if you get pregnant again the body will again undergo changes and the procedure will have to be repeated.
Experienced and skilled surgeons can perform the surgery with minimal risk.
To ensure the safety of the procedures, it can be done in one or two stages, your doctor can add or subtract the procedure as per your wish.

Detailed Information For Body Lift

This is an informed consent document that has been prepared by Dr. Sumit Malhotra to inform you about body lift, the risks, and the alternative treatments.

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