Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Willing to undergo a plastic surgery?

Following are the things that need to be considered before you make any decision:

If you want a plastic surgery procedure on your body to enhance your beauty, then there are some important decisions that you need to make. Though a lot of time is being spent by the people on getting the information about the surgical procedure and its possible outcomes, there is one most important thing, which is to look for a certified surgeon; because not every surgeon is experienced enough to perform the surgery. Referrals from friends and searches on the Internet are not enough as your safety and looks are at risk. So, carefully choose your surgeon before reaching any decision.

Your plastic surgeon should be excellent at his work to provide you the best service with least risk. So, before you choose your surgeon, see if he could satisfy all the following factors:

Proficiency required to perform the surgery safely
Many people are not aware of the certification of the surgeons and according to them, the state board certification of surgeon is enough for a doctor to perform the procedure. But the truth is that according to the government, the surgeon doesn’t need to be professionally trained to perform a specific type of surgery. So, this is a major problem in cosmetic surgery, as surgeons who do not have special training in this area, also try to perform cosmetic surgery because of greater profits.

To ensure a safe and effective surgery, it is a must to check if the surgeon is certified from the Medical Council of India with M.Ch certification. Because this is the least first thing you can know about your surgeon being well-trained and if he has required medical skills to perform extremely complex surgery. Ask your surgeon about the modern technology and techniques that he makes use of.

Experience of the surgeon in a specific area you are interested in
Apart from the certification and professional training, it is crucial to check if the surgeon performs the type of surgery you are looking for. A cosmetic surgeon having specific interest in a particular field would be a member of Association or Society for that field. Check if he is a member of such associations like ISAPS, BRASA, etc.

Every surgical process is different from one another and special skills are required to perform a specific type of surgery and the surgeon needs to have sub-specializations. For example, the surgery performed on the face (nose, lips, etc.) is completely different from the body surgery (sagging tummy, hips, etc.). Thus, before you choose your surgeon, make sure that the type of surgery you are considering is in the top five list of the surgeon and he is performing it for more than five years at least once a week because regular practice is important for the safe procedure and successful results.

Results of the surgeries performed by the surgeon
People opt for the surgeries in hope of best results but not every story has a happy ending. So, it is not a wise approach to believe a friend’s recommendation or reviews on the internet. You should visit the surgeon and ask for the results of the several surgeries they have performed so far. Closely analyze the before and after pictures of every surgery performed on several patients. Look for the results of the specific area you are concerned about. Analyze the pictures taken at least a year after the procedure. Compare the results of two or three certified doctors before you finalize your surgeon.

Customer service at the surgeon’s clinic
It is also essential to analyze how the surgeon and his staff treat you and you can evaluate this in a few minutes after visiting there. Cosmetic surgery can be a life-changing experience; so, the surgeon and staff should be supportive and confident about the whole process. They should clear all your doubts and should be open about all the risks and costs involved in the procedure. Whenever you try to contact them, the response should be prompt and satisfactory.

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