Plastic Surgery: Your Do’s and Don’ts Guide to Thriving Results

Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure done for restoration, reconstruction, contouring, or modification of the human body. Experts categorize it into reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. A reconstruction procedure refers to correcting the appearance of body parts distorted due to an injury a major accident or because of congenial reasons. Some prominent examples include Cleft lip and palate repair, Hand surgery, Breast reconstruction, Rhinoplasty, and more. 

Likewise, cosmetic surgery refers to improving the aesthetic aspect of the human body. People opt for it mostly to accelerate their modeling or acting career, boost their self-confidence or just to look appealing. Some common examples of cosmetic surgery Include Body Contouring, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Blepharoplasty, and Facelift among others.  

Preparing for the change

The reasons behind opting for plastic surgery could be diverse, such as:

  • Restoring your youthful appearance 
  • Enhancing your overall look 
  • Undergoing breast reconstruction after the treatment of breast cancer, or
  • Reshaping hand deformity

Whatever is the reason for your desired surgery, it is important to:

  • Be completely aware of the plastic surgery you are about to opt
  • Perform thorough research about the doctor who could help you to get positive surgery outcomes
  • Know about the Dos and Don’ts before going under the knife. 

In this blog, we will talk about the last point – Dos and Don’ts of plastic surgery. But before that, let’s know some vital facts about plastic surgery.

Stats about Plastic Surgery

A report by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or ISAPS revealed that doctors performed 11.36 million plastic surgery procedures in 2019, which marked a 7.1% rise from 2018 and a 20.6% increase from 2015. 

Referring to the same report, the table below shows the top 3 most widely performed procedures in 2019.


Rank Procedure Number in 2019 Percentage of Total
1 Breast Augmentation 1.8 million 15.80%
2 Liposuction 1.7 million 15.00%
3 Eyelid Surgery 1.3 million 11.50%

The image below from Statista depicts a total break up of the plastic surgery procedures carried out in 2019. This will give you a settled idea of the rapidly rising popularity of Plastic surgery worldwide.


Abiding by the nations where people have embraced plastic surgery in large numbers Brazil is the first with around 1.5 million plastic surgeries done in 2019. This accounts for more than 13% of the total surgeries performed across the globe. Here is country-wise tabulation information about the surgeries happening worldwide.

Pie Chart to depict Plastic Surgeries in 2019 worldwide

All these numbers are quite encouraging to go for plastic surgery. Isn’t it? But wait! To opt for any such procedure must be your individual decision. Getting carried away with the overwhelming numbers or just because your favorite celebrities have also undergone plastic surgery, etc. should not form the basis of your decision. It will always remain an important decision that only you can make, especially if you are about to opt for an invasive procedure.

Plastic Surgery: Dos and Don’ts

It would be wise to follow a list of Dos and Don’ts when thinking of surgery. Let’s know about them in detail.


  1. Conduct a detailed research of the plastic surgeon
  2. Make sure the surgeon is trustworthy
  3. Give yourself ample time before deciding on the surgery
  4. Consulting multiple plastic surgeons would be advisable before singling out the best one
  5. Be honest to disclose your health condition to the surgeon
  6. Show all your medical health reports to the surgeon
  7. Abide by your surgeon’s instructions to follow before and after the surgery 
  8. Have patience and be positive about the surgery outcomes
  9. Seek the support of your family members and friends 
  10. Choose only an experienced and board-certified surgeon
  11. Find out about the insurance cover for the surgery
  12. Make sure to have realistic expectations with the surgery results
  13. Maintain a healthy body and a stable weight before and after the surgery
  14. Have a caretaker to look after you and take you home after the surgery
  15. If you have any apprehensions, confusion, or query, consult your surgeon before going for the surgery



  1. Do not give priority to location. Instead, focus on the expertise of the doctor for the surgery
  2. Do not go for the surgery just because an individual celebrity has also opted for the same
  3. Be realistic with your decision, do not go with the trends over social media or around you
  4. Do not decide on the surgery under anyone’s influence, it must be your call
  5. Do not go hopeless with the instant results; the final outcome takes considerable time to emerge
  6. Do not compromise on choosing the best surgeon due to cost, as you get what you pay for
  7. Do not go for the surgery if you have any prior health condition before consulting your surgeon
  8. Do not drink or smoke during the recovery period after the surgery
  9. Do not lift heavy weights or start rigorous exercising immediately after the surgery
  10. Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs after the surgery
  11. Do not bargain with your surgeon or the hospital if you are sure of getting due worth of your money
  12. In case of revisional surgery, do not associate it with the old flaws
  13. Avoid drinking green or herbal tea, taking steroids, or consuming over-the-counter drugs before the surgery to prevent excessive bleeding during the surgery 
  14.  Do not decrease your diet immediately after and even before the surgery
  15. Do not fall for cheap and lucrative surgery offers as they could pose a serious threat to your life

Wrapping up!

All these points are worth noticing if you want to go for plastic surgery. Moreover, your decision alone will not matter unless the surgeon considers you an ideal candidate for the concerned surgery. So whether you are opting for Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Liposuction, Eyelid Surgery, Abdominoplasty, Otoplasty, Lip Lift, or any other plastic surgery, taking care of all the dos and don’ts is essential. It will help you to make the right decision at the right time and undergo the surgery from the right surgeon.

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