The Essential Guide: Do’s and Don’ts of Cosmetic Surgeries

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People undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve their aesthetic goals in terms of improving or enhancing their physical appearance. Owing to the availability of multiple techniques and medical advancements, these surgeries entertain greater success rates. People can go for any type of procedure nowadays between the surgical or non-surgical techniques. Various types of surgeries exist to address the issues that people face related to their body. Like, they can go for facelift, breast augmentation, reduction, lift, tummy tuck, neck lift, liposuction, Botox, fillers and many more. 

The primary factor of a successful surgery is your choice of surgeon. You can consult some surgeons and then make a decision to opt for the best one. The expert must be board-certified and possess relevant experience so that you can develop trust on his surgical and aesthetic skills. He must be able to figure out a customized surgical plan depending upon your needs, goals and present condition. 

Remember, your recovery does not start after the operation; it does start at the very first step of consultation, as it prepares you well, both physically and mentally. You must adhere to all the guidelines that your surgeon gives you. In order to ensure that you achieve best results, here is a list of some dos and don’ts that you ought to focus upon before undergoing any cosmetic surgery.


Dos of cosmetic surgery


Be extra vigilant for your diet and weight

After deciding to proceed with any specific cosmetic surgery, you must be over conscious with your food habits, your water intake and your weight as it will ensure the surgery has minimum risks and complications. Make sure your weight is stable and close to your ideal weight. Try to consume a well-balanced diet with which you get all the nutrition and avoid taking any processed and sugary foods. Also, your water consumption does matter a lot in order to reduce several kinds of risks after surgery. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of your eating habits before the surgery so that you can recover quickly post operation.


Be realistic enough while setting up your goals

Be sure to share all your expectations and desires with your surgeon so that he can guide you in the right direction. It is quite common for people to have unrealistic expectations and imagine acquiring the appearance of a celebrity or anyone whom they admire the most. However, it is not possible, because all the people are unique and beautiful in their own way. You must focus on having the most natural looking results that suit you and your overall appearance. 


Do a thorough research while choosing the surgeon

Here are some basic criteria to single out the best surgeon:

Board Certification: It is wise to opt from among the board-certified surgeons only, as they undergo rigorous training to perform the surgeries before starting the practice on their own.

Experience Counts: The professional must be duly experienced in your concerned field. He must have the surgical and aesthetic skill-set that matches your needs.  

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Do clear all your doubts

You should not take this decision with vague thoughts. Whether your question is significant or trivial, you must seek the answer from your surgeon. Don’t hesitate to spend time with your surgeon during consultation and asking your concerns. This is the only way you can develop trust and a good rapport with your surgeon. You should go under the knife only if you feel comfortable and are confident about it. 

You can ask about surgical plans and step by step procedural explanations so that you can have a clear idea about incisions, duration of the surgery and recovery timing as well.


Do share your medical history 

Your cosmetic surgeon will ask for some medical and lab tests before the surgery to make sure you do not have any kind of ailment or disease. Make sure to share your physical condition or any regular medication that you take. It will ease your cosmetic surgery procedure and your surgeon will instruct you to take all the necessary precautions to reduce the chances of complications during the surgery accordingly.

Adhere to your doctor’s instructions

Your surgeon will recommend some dos and don’ts pre-operation and post-operation. It will be quite crucial to follow all these instructions, as it will ensure your safety and quick recovery. 

  • The expert will prescribe you some medicines and will prohibit you from consuming some drugs, supplements, smoking and consuming alcohol for some specific duration.  
  • He will guide you with precise ways to take care of your incisions. 
  • He may advise you to put on some special surgical compression garment or bandage. 
  • Also, make sure to attend all follow-up meetings in order to check your progress. 

Abiding by all these instructions will accelerate your healing process and you will get the best outcomes from the cosmetic surgery. Moreover, you will be able to start your daily life at the earliest.


Carefully schedule your time and a caretaker

At the time of consultation, you must ask your surgeon about the approximate time that the whole process will take from surgery to recovery so that you can manage your time accordingly. If you are working, you must take time off for the suggested period. Even if you are a homemaker, you will still need an equal amount of rest to recover. 

However, whether you are working or not, you must have someone to take care of you and all the other things during your surgery and recovery phase. The person can be your family member or a professional. It all depends upon your own convenience. 


Be patient to see the results

Generally, humans are eager to see the results as early as possible. It is however essential to bear patience till the time your results are vividly noticeable. Depending upon the type of surgery, your surgeon will certainly tell you a typical time span under which a patient might show the results yet your body responses may vary so you may take less or more time than the typical period. If your body is taking little extra time, it does not mean that anything wrong has happened. Hence, accept your body pace and wait for the results patiently.


Be ready for a combination procedure

Your surgeon will develop a customized approach for the best outcome from your surgery. His surgical plan may include a combination of surgical and non-surgical techniques or could involve multiple sessions. It will depend upon your present condition, your issues, health, expectations, goals and many other contributing factors that altogether help to decide your surgical plan.


Don’ts of cosmetic surgery


Don’t go for any random surgeon

You must not go to any local surgeon who is just nearby and unreasonably cheap. Your surgeon, in fact, must be a person who is highly skilled, experienced and certified by an authorized body like ASPS.


Don’t fall prey to misconceptions

In society, there are people who give lots of free suggestions and have multiple ideas related to cosmetic surgeries. It is important that you don’t take any decision depending upon the misconceptions they spread. Instead, authenticate and check the validity of every suggestion from your surgeon so that nothing can hinder your decision and results.


Don’t consider cost over quality

Undoubtedly, cost does matter whenever we think of any surgery. But be aware that cosmetic surgery procedures cannot be cheap. You just need to make sure that you are investing in the right direction. You may check the insurance coverage and several packages that the cosmetic surgeons or the clinics associated with them have to offer.

Don’t consume any prohibited item

Your surgeon will instruct you to stop smoking and consuming alcohol for a certain period at least before the surgery and a few weeks after the surgery. This is to ensure your safe and sound healing process. He could even advise you to stop taking all sorts of blood-thinners in order to avoid excessive blood loss. Therefore, you must not take all these items before your doctor allows for the same.


Don’t be critical with your looks

You must not be judgmental with your looks before your final result is apparent. You might experience swelling, bruising and itching after the surgery. These operation effects will fade away with time and you will get the desired results. Until then, you have to stop looking at the results and compare it with anyone else whose results were visible early. 


Don’t assume your surgeon’s skills and competence

You must not assume that every cosmetic surgeon is skilled for almost any kind of surgery. For instance, it would be unfair to expect a hair transplant surgeon to be expert at performing mommy makeovers. This is the reason why you should choose your surgeon wisely who is an expert to address your specific needs and issues related to your appearance.


Don’t start any rigorous activity before your surgeon’s consent

During follow-up appointments, your surgeon will check your recovery and will let you know the right time to start any activity. You must not start your daily routine or any kind of exercise before his consent.


Don’t try to imitate somebody’s looks

As an individual, you have your own personality and your surgeon will focus on providing the most natural looking results according to your facial features, body shape, weight and health. You must understand that your goals must not be to imitate someone’s looks or shape. It may ruin your overall appearance instead of enhancing and improving it. A particular shape that you like might suit another person but could look worse on you. So stick to your own individuality and develop your outcomes accordingly.


Avoid sun exposure 

Too much exposure to the sun after surgery might affect your scars and make those lines permanent. Your incision line or tenderness of the skin after the surgery will deteriorate further if you spend maximum time under the direct sun. You must avoid it during your recovery phase and make sure to use some sun protection afterwards as well. 



Your quick and easy recovery and your final results will depend largely on your keenness to follow all the instructions during pre and postoperative period. It is therefore important to abide strictly by all the guidelines given by your surgeon in order to achieve the best outcomes of the surgery.

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