Nipple Correction Surgery in Lucknow

What is a Nipple Correction?

Nipple correction is a surgical procedure that aims to beautify your breast by either elevating your nipple with the black skin near it (areola) or decreasing the size of the nipple areola complex.
It is a very simple surgery that makes you more confident in your intimate moments as well as in wearing certain close-fitting styles of clothing.

Right candidates for Nipple Correction
young women breast pain

Healthy patients, troubled with the appearance of the areola or nipples.


before breast lift

People that have nipples which have sagged below the breast crease


women hide breast with arms

Individuals with downward-pointing areolas, nipples, and stretched skin


Candidates who are not ideal for nipple surgery

Smokers who are unwilling to quit smoking after and before surgery due to smoking's impact on skin healing


fit woman measure her abdominal

Those who have not healthy or stable weight


women smartphone

Patients whose expectations are unrealistic about surgery


Benefits of nipple correction
happy couple on bed

Improved intimate relationships, because patients are no longer concerned about their breasts.


women see her underarms

Increased confidence and self-esteem.


Inverted Nipple

The experience of successful breastfeeding after correction of inverted nipples


Risks of nipple surgery
wing on hand

If the blood vessel supply and nerves are severed then the risk of loss of sensation in nipples.


mother milk baby

If milk ducts are cut then you may be unable to breastfeed.


women nipple hide on hand

Scars around the areolas


Frequently Asked Question

It depends upon what kind of surgery you are having, and what kind of technique involved in it. Many women have said that there is no problem with breastfeeding after nipple correction surgery.

We would advise you to consult with the surgeon and do not wear normal bras until you are signed off by your surgeon.

It depends on the procedure adopted in your nipple correction surgery. You should consult with your surgeon.

No, you have been advised to wear a post-surgical compression bra following your surgery, you will need to keep it on as advised by your surgeon or for at least 6 weeks.

The best thing to do is to sleep on your back because after surgery your nipples will be sore. To prop yourself up, use pillows and cushions.

Your surgeon will give you the best advice about what is best to care about your scars. Apply a scar cream to reduce any visibility of scarring which may be left behind once they are fully healed.

You should avoid alcohol at least for 48 hours after having any type of breast surgery. Always follow the prescription of your expert surgeon.

Smoking can put the wounds at risk of breaking down. Do not smoke while you are recovering because smoking can affect the healing process.

If you are going somewhere in a hot and sunny atmosphere soon after surgery then your nipples should be protected from UV rays as much as possible. Seek advice from your doctor how long do you have to do this?

The highest quality aftercare is just as important as the surgery itself, so our surgeons are always there to support you. You’ll need to give your body much time to heal and our surgeons will give you detailed guidance on the best way to take care of yourself.

women lift her bra on right hand

Some women may experience temporary nipple sensation loss after breast implant surgery. But it is very rare to permanently lose all nipple sensations. Nipple sensation will return when the nerves heal and adjust to the new breast size, over the course of a few months.


women niple hide with red crose

Modern technology has materials that make it feel like real breast tissue. Because of these materials, your nipples feel just like the natural.


mother milk baby

This is one of the biggest myths about nipple correction. Some sorts of procedures may damage the ducts but just because you have had a nipple correction surgery does not mean you can not breastfeed your children. Your surgeon will clarify about your procedure


nude women hide niple after breast reduction

There is no need to get the nipple correction done again until a problem is seen. Many patients have had nipple correction for 20+ years which continues to be soft and natural-looking.


nude women hide niple after breast reduction

The latest techniques make nearly impossible to tell the difference between enhanced and natural breasts. Today, the results of nipple correction are more natural than ever.


women hand on nude breast

During nipple correction surgery, the position of your nipple to be a little higher than normal due to the muscles reacting by tightening. The breast tissue may look a little swollen. But it will settle when your body heals.


women press her left breast after nipple discharge

As with any surgical procedure, your incisions and surrounding muscles may be sore for a short while after your nipple correction surgery. However, this pain and soreness are manageable with medication and decrease within one to two weeks of the procedure.


Nipple Correction Treatment

Any well-trained surgeon can do this surgery, but a skilled cosmetic surgeon has years of training, to obtain natural and long-lasting results. With years of experience, here you can be confident we are providing the best approach to achieving the look you desire.


Side Effects of Nipple Correction
Similar to all surgeries, nipple surgery may have certain risks, like:
  • Bleeding & Infection
  • Swelling & Scars
  • Nipples that invert again after surgery
  • A loss of breast sensation temporarily
  • The loss of the ability to breastfeed permanently


Why Choose Us

Dr. Sumit Malhotras's unique, integrated approach to plastic surgery employs only safe, effective, predictable surgical techniques that are driven by uncompromising respect for the natural condition of the human form.He understands that the body changes with time – as do desires.

His integrated approach includes

  • Individualized treatment plan matched to the anatomy, lifestyle, age of an individual.
  • Goal of a natural, balanced outcome with a pleasing appearance.
  • Safe, predictable options clearly understood by the patient.
  • Active patient participation in their education & choices.
  • Safe, world class environment & technologies.
  • Excellent…uncompromising service.Enjoyable experience & outcomes for each patient.
  • Enjoyable experience & outcomes for each patient.

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Educational Qualification

M.Ch. Gold Medalist

King George Medical University, Lucknow
1997-2000, 2002-2006.
Safdarjung hospital, Plastic surgery and Burn Unit
All India Institute of Med Sciences, New Delhi
Master of Surgery, Plastic Surgery 2002
Masters of Surgery 2000
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 1994


Professional Experience

SIPS, Superspeciality Hospital, Lucknow
Since 2005 to date.

Assoc. Prof., ERA's Medical College, Lko
Smile train surgeon (2000+ CLEFT success)
Micro vascular surgeon (revascularized 150+ limbs)
Ex Sr. Resident, Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi
Ex Resident doctor AIIMS
Ex Chief Resident Dept of plastic surgery, KGMC, Lko
Surgeon served as a lead consultant; Cancer
Reconstructive Surgery
Trauma Consultant for the hospital
Burn Specialist Consultant


Professional Affiliations

  • Association of Plastic Surgeons of India, Life Member.
  • Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Life Member,
  • Breast Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon’s Association, Life Member,
  • Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand, Life Member,
  • Lucknow Plastic Surgery Club, Member.
  • Association of Surgeons of India, Life Member.
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