Nipple Correction Surgery in Lucknow

Nipple correction Surgery

Nipple correction is a surgical technique that seeks to improve the appearance of your breast by either raising your nipple and the black skin around it (areola) or lowering the size of the nipple also known as areola complex. It is a relatively easy procedure that increases your confidence in intimate moments as well as in wearing certain close-fitting apparel designs.

Ideal Candidate for Nipple Correction

  • If you have a perfect breast shape and size but are bothered by the shape and fundamental structure of your nipples, then nipple correction surgery may be the right choice for you.
  • If your nipples have dropped below the breast crease or if they are not positioned correctly, you can get nipple correction surgery to realign them.
  • If your nipples or areolas are pointing downward, or you have overly stretched skin surrounding them, then nipple correction is the right procedure for you.

Procedure and recovery time

Step 1 - Anesthesia

General anesthesia is the most chosen option amongst the surgeon, however it is best advised by the surgeon that which is well suited for you.

Step 2 - The incision

The incision is made in such a way that the milk ducts are easily accessible as they are the ones pulling nipples inwards. The way the incision will be made depends upon the severity of the nipple inversion, and they are of different types-

  1. By stretching the short milk ducts-made in the case of mild to moderate nipple inversion.
  2. By cutting or dividing the milk ducts-made in the case of moderate to severe nipple inversion.

Step 3 - Closing the Incisions

Sutures will be used to seal the incision, which will then be covered with a protective covering.
The recovery time following inverted nipple correction is quite short, lasting around 1-3 days. Patients are usually able to resume their normal daily activities within 1-2 days of their operation; however, you should avoid more vigorous activity for up to one week.

Benefits of Nipple Correction Surgery

  • Nipple correction surgery not only makes patients feel better about their bodies, but it also helps them thrive in their romantic relationships as they don't worry about their bodies anymore instead they get more confident.
  • People who have nipple correction surgery and also have reasonable expectations are more likely to feel healthier and less anxious following the procedure.
  • After a successful inverted nipple correction surgery, women can effectively breastfeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is dependent on the type of surgery you are having and what kind of procedure is used. Many ladies have said that breastfeeding is not a difficulty following nipple correction surgery.

We recommend that you talk with your surgeon and refrain from wearing standard bras until you have received clearance from your physician.

It is determined by the procedure used in your nipple correction surgery. You should talk to your surgeon about it.

No, you have been advised to wear a post-surgical compression bra following your surgery; you must wear it for at least 6 weeks or as directed by your surgeon.

Since your nipples will be sore after surgery, sleeping on your back is the best option. Use pillows and cushions to support yourself.

Your surgeon will provide you with the finest advice on how to care for your scars. Apply scar cream to lessen the visibility of any scarring that may remain after the wound has healed completely.

After any form of breast surgery, you should abstain from alcohol for at least 48 hours. Always follow the advice of your competent surgeon.

Smoking might cause the wounds to deteriorate. Do not smoke while recuperating since it might interfere with the healing process.

If you are travelling somewhere hot and sunny immediately after surgery, your nipples should be covered from UV radiation as much as possible. Consult your doctor to find out how long you have to do this.

Since the best quality aftercare is as vital as the operation itself, our surgeons are always available to assist you. You'll need to allow your body plenty of time to recuperate, and our doctors will give you extensive instructions on how to care for yourself.

  • Pain: Mild discomfort that can be controlled by drugs.
  • Bruising: Minimal bruising may temporarily occur in the targeted area.
  • Numbness: There may be numbness in the targeted area. This should improve in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Scarring: Fade within one to two years and can usually be hidden by bras or bikini.
Some women may experience temporary nipple sensation loss after breast implant surgery. But it is very rare to permanently lose all nipple sensations. Nipple sensation will return when the nerves heal and adjust to the new breast size, over the course of a few months.
Modern technology has materials that make it feel like real breast tissue. Because of these materials, your nipples feel just like the natural.
This is one of the biggest myths about nipple correction. Some sorts of procedures may damage the ducts but just because you have had a nipple correction surgery does not mean you can not breastfeed your children. Your surgeon will clarify about your procedure
There is no need to get the nipple correction done again until a problem is seen. Many patients have had nipple correction for 20+ years which continues to be soft and natural-looking
The latest techniques make nearly impossible to tell the difference between enhanced and natural breasts. Today, the results of nipple correction are more natural than ever.
During nipple correction surgery, the position of your nipple to be a little higher than normal due to the muscles reacting by tightening. The breast tissue may look a little swollen. But it will settle when your body heals.
As with any surgical procedure, your incisions and surrounding muscles may be sore for a short while after your nipple correction surgery. However, this pain and soreness are manageable with medication and decrease within one to two weeks of the procedure.
Any well-trained surgeon can do this surgery, but a skilled cosmetic surgeon has years of training, to obtain natural and long-lasting results. With years of experience, here you can be confident we are providing the best approach to achieving the look you desire.

Nipple Correction

This is an informed consent document that has been prepared by Dr. Sumit Malhotra to inform you about nipple correction the risks, and the alternative treatments.

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