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In the modern era of advancement and technology, every field is making innovations and contributions to existing technologies. Nowadays, one can notice good and noticeable changes in things like machinery, transport, medical sciences, food, and almost everything, as compared to the past. We are here to talk about the medical field and its advancements in particular.

You might be familiar with the term plastic surgery, which has been helping people around the world since it was invented. It is done for multiple reasons like removal of extra fat cells, uplifting of butt, correcting accidental face issues, etc. One of the most famous and common plastic surgeries is ‘Breast Augmentation’. Elaborating in layman terms- breast augmentation is also called breast implant surgery. Augmentation means to enlarge and it is achieved Surgically by putting an implant.

Let us have a look at what a breast implant is and why women choose this surgery for themselves!

Breast augmentation is a procedure that is used to change or contour the shape or size of breasts. It is also used in reconstructive plastic surgery and restores a natural-looking breast after surgical remast as after cancer. There are several reasons why a person or particularly a woman gets this surgery done. Reasons like hereditary issues, accidental deformities, for correction of breast removal after cancer, etc. are some of the major and common factors to undergo this surgery.

But like every other surgical procedure, breast augmentation also possesses certain risks and precautions which you need to follow to avoid any complication. Before stepping into the actual procedure, it is recommended to consult an experienced surgeon to know about what the surgery does. It is always disappointing to keep high hopes and then not getting the desired results. So, first of all, choose a good surgeon and have a conversation with him or her so that all your doubts and confusions related to before- & after-surgery get clear.

In this article, we have tried listing out some important information and facts about breast augmentation to provide you with proper guidance.

Starting from the very basic, people sometimes get confused in terminologies. Often in the medical field, it happens that one medical procedure is confused with the other if they have some similarity.
Now coming to terminologies, breast augmentation, breast implants, breast lift are 3 different things. A breast implant is the name of the material which is placed inside the breast during the procedure which is called breast augmentation. While a breast lift can be done with or without breast augmentation. Breast lift only tightens and lifts the breast without changing the size. This may sometimes be done together with an implant when one desires both lift as well as increase in volume.

Age does matter! According to the FDA, breast implants are safe for women over the age of 22 and not recommended for women below that age. This is generally accepted in India as well. Yet, today We see younger women desiring this surgery. Most important is to know the mental state of the person and their maturity to understand the procedure along with its consequences.

Exercises will never restore the natural shape of your breast. Exercises indeed have a lot of benefits for our body but what has been naturally lost, won’t regain ever. The only way to restore a youthful state of your breasts is by having a breast augmentation. You may gain some inches from exercise but the actual size will remain the same. Exercises may help in toning of body. Yes, correct, but that is where there are muscles. Breast doesn’t have muscles. Putting on weight will increase the volume slightly but at the cost of weight on whole body which may not be desirable overall. To increase the size of the breast something needs to be added. Only new advancement, other than implants that may offer this is through Fat Grafting. You may consult your plastic Surgeon to know your suitability and if he offers this procedure.

While no regular maintenance is required. For the long-lasting results of breast implants you are expected to have regular checkups as advised by your surgeon to avoid any complications or risks afterward.

Breast implants do not affect motherhood. It is true that a woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. Even if you opt for breast implants at the age of 22 or before marriage, all the necessary changes will occur in your body at the time of pregnancy. Breast implants are put below your breast glands or even below muscles. So your milk producing glands are not affected.Therefore it does not affect your ability to produce milk or lactate.

Breast implants do leave a scar. It depends on the type of implants you have opted for. If you have chosen silicone implants, the incision will be larger and so will be the scar. It will fade away a bit with time but won’t disappear permanently.

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