Six Reasons Why Breast Reduction Surgery has such a High Satisfaction Rate

breast reduction

People with bigger breast size have to deal with many problems; this is the case with women especially. The bigger breast can be the cause of unwanted attention, harassment, bullying, and nasty comments. But to overcome this problem, there is a solution called Breast Reduction Surgery, which is also known as Reduction Mammoplasty.

This type of procedure is safe, and no major long term complications are noticed post-surgery; instead, it makes people’s life easy and comfortable. According to the research, more than 95% of people who undergo this surgery are very happy and satisfied with the outcomes and they would not hesitate to get this done again; of course they won’t need it as most of the times the results are permanent.

Main reasons why people, especially women, are more than happy with the results:

1.Relief from physical pain and discomfort
Every individual out there with large breasts experiences several physical tensions and pain in the body, especially in the upper part of the body like chest, back, neck, and shoulders. It can also be a cause of stress in the body muscles; can affect body posture which will ultimately lead to constant pain in the body. Bra strap compression can be caused by the weight of large breasts. Due to this, the bra straps put a strain on the shoulders that can also damage nerves.

Breast reduction surgery will have a positive impact and it will also reduce any physical pain on the body; thus, the health of the upper body will improve a lot.

2.Ease to perform physical activities
People with bigger breast size often face many problems to perform any type of physical activity be it exercise, jumping, swimming, cycling, and any sport or athletic activity. Women usually feel very uncomfortable while performing any activity and the weight of breasts puts extra weight and stress on the whole body as well as on the lower back.

After breast reduction surgery, one can enjoy all the physical activities without any pain, tiredness, breathlessness. This is the most common reason for people’s trust in this surgical treatment.

3.Gain confidence and no psychological stress
Most women with large breasts do not feel confident in public because their breast size attracts the unwanted attention of people and sometimes, they get recognized due to the breast size but not because of their skills, achievements, or personality. They get trolled and people pass nasty comments that directly affect their mental health and self-esteem.

After the surgery, women get their desired breast size which helps them to regain their self-confidence, better appearance and they get relief from any type of unwanted attention and mental stress.

4.Improved posture and better appearance
During breast reduction surgery, the excess tissues, fat, and skin are removed to reduce the size of breasts, to make them look in better shape and size according to the body.

Saggy breasts get lifted and the overall appearance of the body looks much better and the posture of the body also gets improved, distributing the right amount of weight on major parts of the body.

5.More choice in clothes
There is no denying that it is almost impossible to find a lot of variety in clothing items when the size of the breasts is larger than the body shape and size. It is a task to find clothes that fits perfectly, and women are left with only a few choices, which we bet is no very pleasant feeling.

After the surgery, women get an unlimited variety of clothes to choose from, and wearing the desired clothes is a wonderful feeling for almost every woman out there.

6.Safe, successful and trusted surgery
This surgery is helpful in unlimited ways; women get the required breast size, their body posture gets improved, and they enjoy better health. Furthermore, it does not take very long to perform this procedure and women do not even need to stay overnight in the hospital. It is a very safe process that shows the best results with minimal scars.

So, the above-mentioned are the reasons for the high satisfaction rate of breast reduction surgery. To get a lot more information about it, you can contact us, and we will book your appointment with the best plastic surgeon.

Dr. Sumit Malhotra is the best cosmetic plastic surgeon in Lucknow and is famous for his exceptional techniques used in treating his patients. With 19+ years of experience, Dr. Sumit Malhotra fully understands the human body and applies the appropriate technology needed to treat the patient’s body parts according to their desires. Dr. Sumit Malhotra currently practices in SIPS, Superspeciality Hospital, Lucknow where he has been operating since 2005.

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