Can Cosmetic Surgery Change Your Personality?

Cosmetic surgery is instrumental in transforming the appearance of the needful patients and this is no hidden truth. But can it change your personality? Well, it is not any magical wand that could alter you intrinsically but yes, it does help to boost your self-esteem, confidence, and behavior to make you a happy soul overall.

What do experts say about cosmetic surgery?

According to experienced board certified plastic surgeons, patients who opt for procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation, facelifts, Mommy Makeovers, etc. end up having positive vibes about themselves. They become more active in their personal as well as professional lives. You could expect them to be more dynamic, energetic, and active.

Research conducted at the University of California, Santa Barbara also opined the same. It inferred that people who believe themselves to be more attractive are more acceptable in society as compared to people engaged in finding their flaws. Naturally, cosmetic surgery holds the lion’s share in making the patients believe in positive vibes about their personalities.

Moving over, cosmetic surgery not only enhances the way your body parts appear to you, but it also helps to lower your anxiety levels regarding the shortcomings in your body. For instance, you might feel unhappy with the way your breasts, face, stomach, or buttocks appear. Instead of veiling those features, cosmetic surgery corrects them and works actively to make them your prized possessions.

In another survey, which included the photos of 30 women before and after the facial cosmetic surgery, the respondents had to analyze the before and after surgery pictures of these women. The participants considered women in their after-surgery photos to be more pleasant and gifted with enhanced social skills.

Cosmetic Surgery infuses a remarkable change in your self-image

If you have spent your entire life regretting your uneven breast size, unappealing nose, or lackluster face, cosmetic surgery can put an end to all your worries. With this, it also gets rid of being too self-conscious, introverted, and apologetic about your body parts. By fixing these parts with due regard to their aesthetic appeal, the surgeons can alter your perception of yourself. As a result, you will feel more confident about yourself without having the impression of others on your personality.

With added confidence, you will also observe a significant change in other aspects of your life. For example, you might make new friends, strengthen the bond of love with your spouse, or start a romantic relationship afresh. A carefully done cosmetic surgery that delivers positive results can also motivate you to apply for a new job or get a promotion with a significant hike in your package. The flaws that always restrict you from putting forth constructive steps simply wither with your optimistic attitude.

Cosmetic surgery can have a positive impact on your behavior

In addition to developing self-confidence, cosmetic surgery also leads to a drastic change in one’s behavior. It lets the patients get away with insecurity about their appearance, inspiring them to start afresh and socialize. For instance, a self-conscious woman who used to exhibit reluctance in flaunting her body assets to her partner might do it willfully after cosmetic surgery. This also increases the chances of nurturing their relationships.

The same happens after a Mommy Makeover, as the woman is more likely to feel awesome about her body after the surgery. This will enhance her self-image and boost her confidence level, encouraging change in her behavior. Her relations with her partner will also improve appreciably.

Next, imagine you used to weigh heavily once, and after bariatric surgery, you lose half of your weight. To retain the results, you need to be regular at the gym, consume a balanced diet, and part ways with poor eating habits. Bariatric surgery also eliminates loose skin, thus adding up to your weight loss regime and making your body more noticeable. You will feel more motivated and active in your life.

Selecting the right surgeon will prove beneficial

While keeping the results intact is inevitable, equally essential is to approach the best surgeon who can deliver the expected results on your body. Hence, whether you wish to undergo a breast lift, liposuction, facelift, Otoplasty, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, blepharoplasty, or any other cosmetic surgery, you need to act with wisdom in the selection of the right surgeon.

Once you do that, you can make way for an enhanced overall appearance with the help of cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, you should have realistic expectations with the surgery so that you do not panic because of a wrongly done procedure in rare instances. An experienced surgeon will reduce the chances of revisional surgery appreciably. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the help of only an expert and skilled cosmetic surgeon.

Bottom Line

Overall, indeed cosmetic surgery can change your personality. It can help to improve your self-image, boost self-confidence, and enhance your behavior over time. But you need to work with diligence on retaining the surgery results else you will regain the unappealing appearance that you wished to hide once.

Several surgeries could inflict various positive changes in your life such as breast augmentation could spruce up your intimate life, a facelift could prove beneficial in your professional life, etc. Likewise, bariatric surgery helps to manage obesity and lets you maintain a slim figure.

But you need to work hard to retain the surgery results. For instance, you should eat a balanced diet, do regular workouts, and avoid poor eating habits. For the best cosmetic surgery results, approaching an experienced and duly certified surgeon holds the utmost importance. It will ensure positive outcomes from your cosmetic surgery that could stay for long and look good on your personality.

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