Reasons Why Gynecomastia Surgery is On Rise

Gynecomastia is a condition in which the chest of males develops like females. They have enlarged puffy breasts due to which they feel embarrassed. Almost 60% of males go through this situation. It might happen in any age, from teens to old age and can result due to excess fat or excess glandular tissues. This excess breast skin may exist either in one or both breasts. Here are some of the possible reasons behind this condition:

  • Hormonal imbalance: Sometimes during puberty years, boys have imbalanced development of estrogen and testosterone that develop larger mammary glands than others.
  • Genetics: A person born with an extra “x” chromosome may develop overly large breasts.
  • Extreme weight fluctuation: Breast tissues can expand due to excess weight gain. Even after losing weight, the patients may develop pockets of excess breast fat and sagging skin along the chest area.
  • Other reasons: Several additional reasons behind this anomaly may include over usage of drugs, medications, aging and unhealthy life-style.

In order to resolve the issue of female-like breasts among men, the skilled surgeons develop a customized surgical plan. They can either opt for the following

  • A combination of surgical and liposuction technique
  • Only liposuction or
  • Surgical removal of excess fat pockets and skin.

The sole purpose of the surgery is to provide a flat, firm and masculine looking chest so that people can wear any kind of cloth and can participate in any activity without hesitation and embarrassment.

Many specific reasons account for an increasing number of people inclining towards male breast reduction surgery:

  1. Not possible to hide

For males having gynecomastia, it is tough to hide the enlarged breasts under the clothes. Whether they wear a shirt or t-shirt, clothes will reveal the puffy breasts. Sometimes, people completely change their clothing style and start wearing uncomfortable baggy clothes to conceal their condition. They tend to avoid many activities like running and other sports due to their large breasts, which may make them feel alone.

  1. Bothered by their appearance

Nowadays, most of the males are conscious about their looks and aspire to look perfect. Though this condition does not bring any health issues, it can still cause people to face deep emotional stress. They can be afraid of being bullied. Thankfully, people today have become more vocal about their physical concerns. They are well aware they are not alone suffering from this problem.

  1. Awareness

The Internet has made it possible even in remote areas that people have easy access to the information they require. People research through various websites about the surgery and gather authentic information not only about the procedure but the best surgeon, downtime and also other patients’ testimonials. This level of awareness related to possible solutions for the condition has contributed to the popularity of the surgery.

  1. Fewer stigmas

People have overcome the stigma of getting cosmetic surgeries. Nevertheless, they don’t hesitate to undergo the surgeries anymore to change their undesirable look. Instead, they prefer attaining mental peace and self-esteem. This indicates that undergoing cosmetic surgeries and the urge to have an attractive appearance have become common for males.

  1. Advancements in technology

Owing to medical advancements, many males are motivated to make the decision of undergoing surgeries. Now, we have innovative surgical techniques with less recovery period and zero complications. Moreover, we have board-certified and well-experienced surgeons who ensure the most natural looking results.

  1. Acceptance for cosmetic surgery

Earlier, it was believed that plastic and cosmetic surgeries are only for females, but increased possibilities for males and their preferences have changed the scenario. Now it is quite common for men to seek to improve their appearance through surgeries. This shows that males have also started focusing on their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

  1. Financing options

Due to the availability of easy payment options, people from every class can plan to undergo the procedures.


  1. Certain benefits

Male breast reduction surgery offers numerous benefits to the patients:

  • Restores their masculine shaped, firm and flat chest.
  • Helps to regain their self-confidence
  • Makes them feel comfortable wearing whatever they want
  • Lets them play whichever game they are interested in without hassles



The factors mentioned above are the prominent driving forces for males to undergo the male breast reduction procedure. It helps them to acquire their desired look by surgically removing the excess fat and skin along the chest area.

As a patient, it should be your decision to undergo the surgery, it should not be influenced by others. Be aware that only you have to bear the expenses and outcomes, not anyone else. You have to take care of your diet, exercise, and have to maintain a healthy life-style to increase the longevity of your surgery results.

Make sure to choose your surgeon with great consideration. He must have developed a specific skill-set and an aesthetic eye to deal with gynecomastia by developing the most suitable surgical plan for you.

To ease the whole process, we have enlisted the best surgeons of the country on our website. You can easily look out for the best of them and book your consultation with the preferred one in your location to get professional guidance.

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