10 Facts About Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Issues regarding self-confidence about one’s body can arise in women as well as in men. Most of them even hesitate to look twice in the mirror as the reflection staring back at them is not what they expect themselves to be. Nowadays, men have also started to approach cosmetic surgeons to help them provide the best solutions for their problems regarding their outer personality. While most common procedures men go for are Rhinoplasty and Hair Transplant, many have serious issues, like Gynecomastia, or large male breasts. It lowers the self-esteem of most men, embarrasses them, and makes their common tasks difficult. Many men approach the option of cosmetic surgery to eliminate this condition from their bodies.

Here are some facts about Male Breast Reduction Surgery:

FACT #01
Gynecomastia can be reduced by male breast reduction surgery, which is the most common and effective treatment for it. Gynecomastia is caused by various factors which can be due to the use of certain medicines, change in hormones, genetic disorders, etc. Unlike in women, this doesn’t happen when a man grows older; instead, it can happen to a man of any age, whether he is a teenager or an adult man.

FACT #02
The most common symptoms of gynecomastia may include:
1. Excessive amounts of fat in an area, mostly around breasts.
2. Excessive development in Glandular tissues.
3. An excessive amount of breast skin present.
4. Fat stored either in one or both breasts.

FACT #03
Male breast reduction surgery can be done easily on a person under the following conditions:
1. When the condition cannot be treated by different treatments or medications.
2. The person has no critical medical history/condition or any terminal illness that may prevent healing after the surgery.
3. If the candidate does not consume drugs or doesn’t smoke.
4. When the person is ready and feels positive about the improvement of his condition after the surgical procedure.
5. The patient has an average weight and has good physical health.
6. If an individual’s expectations from the outcome of the surgery are realistic.
7. When there is no development in the breast due to age (mostly for teenagers around 18 years of age.)
8. The person feels conscious about his breast being too big.

FACT #04
During the procedure of Breast Reduction, the surgeon removes both the excessive amount of glandular tissues and fat stored under breasts to reconstruct a masculine chest shape. Most Plastic surgeons use procedures like liposuction to remove fat, while a small cut allows removal of glands. No large cuts are needed anymore. This allows for faster recovery.

FACT #05
Before the start of the procedure, there are some preparations to be taken by the candidate to get the best results from the procedure:
1. Consumption of products containing nicotine like cigarettes should be stopped.
2. Prolonged tanning or sunbathing must be avoided.
3. Medications that may prevent blood clotting like blood thinners must not be consumed.
4. A leave of absence must be taken from work beforehand.
5. Arrange a ride from your home to the hospital and vice versa.

FACT #06
After the surgery is over, the recovery for cuts takes place within five to ten days, which is the initial period where bandages provide maximum support to aid in healing. Discomfort will be there but it will be subdued after one week or more. After four to six weeks from the procedure, full activities can be resumed; however, slight discomfort may still reside.

FACT #07
A healthy lifestyle must be maintained after this cosmetic process to prevent gynecomastia to happen again. Gynecomastia can arise again with improper care of the person’s health, which may become more severe than the previous condition.

FACT #08
There are certain risks involved with this surgery that must be considered before going under the Knife:
1. Risk of anesthesia failure
2. Risk of excessive bleeding
3. Risk of blood clotting
4. Breast asymmetry after surgery
5. Irregular breast shape
6. Risk of change in breast sensation
7. Risk of infection
8. Risk of permanent scars

FACT #09
Before proceeding through the decision of getting breast reduction surgery, it is necessary to consult with an experienced surgeon who can give proper guidance to summarizing whether the surgery is required or not.

FACT #10
Many people are worried about the results after recovery process. But note that the results after this surgery are realistic and long-lasting. You will find a huge change in yourself post-recovery.

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