Liposuction: Myths vs Reality

Plastic Surgery, big words and the world too! Beauty standards have been continuously increasing since the 21st century and the onset of plastic surgery in the medical field particularly. Ever since plastic surgery has been introduced in the field of medical science, a magnificent change has occurred in the mindset of people regarding these kinds […]

Why is Liposuction the second most popular cosmetic surgery?

Liposuction surgery has advanced a lot more with technology as it was done in the first place in 1992. Earlier the procedure was much more complex as it involved moving the tube or cannula around several areas of the body to break the fat cells and suck them out. But now, it has become rather […]

What to expect after Liposuction – Recovery and Results?

Excess body fat is a very common issue these days and many people struggle when they find it impossible to reduce this fat by adopting a healthy diet and regular exercise. For such people, Liposuction is a perfect solution to achieve their desired body shape and contour. Many regions are targeted by liposuction; for example- […]