How long is the Tummy Tuck Recovery?

How long is the Tummy Tuck Recovery?
Tummy tuck surgery could be highly rewarding for the people who are suffering from excess fat and more importantly excess loose skin around their mid-section. Most people find this surgery to be very fulfilling when done for the right reasons. One needs to know that these are procedures to improve shape rather than lose weight. While the surgery is just a few hours, the process of recovering from it could be very long although not as difficult if one follows the advice of your surgeon. The patient might suffer from mild pain, swelling, and buzzing in the initial phase of recovery, which may gradually fade with the passage of time.

For most of the patients, it takes around 5 – 6 weeks of time to get back to their normal active routine. Some of the tips which you need to follow for your efficient recovery from tummy tuck surgery are as follows –

Taking the pain medications as advised by the doctor!
It is a very crucial part of recovery but most people usually try to skip it as they don’t feel enough pain in the initial time. But skipping the medications may result in severe pain later that might worsen and become unbearable sometimes. Too much pain can eventually interfere with the healing process. So, all the medicines must be taken on time with a healthy diet and the full course of medications should be completed for better results.

Cleanliness & Regular Dressing!
You should also keep track of the cleanliness during this time and empty the drains a number of times a day. Although, not all the patients require drain tubes but if you have it, proper care should be taken. The liquid inside might be clear, yellowish or brownish but if you ever notice bright red color continuously filling the drain or it is smelling bad, then you should contact your surgeon immediately.

Apart from that, you must follow the surgeon’s advice strictly on various factors like how to change bandages on a regular basis. And mostly, the surgeons prescribe antibiotics to the patients in order to prevent any infection in the body.

Sleeping in the Right Posture!
Another major tip for recovery is to have a good amount of rest that too especially in the initial days after the surgery. For the first 3 – 4 days, you must sleep flexed at your waist so that you don’t experience much pressure on the abdominal region. You could also use a pillow under your knees for more comfort. Or you could also sleep on your side as a baby sleeps in his mother’s womb, i.e. the fetal position.

Avoid Smoking!
Also, if you smoke or drink alcohol, then you must avoid it strictly for a few weeks as it degrades the immune system and prevents the body from healing the wound. At least, until your stitches are removed, you must say a big no to smoking.

No Physical Activity!
Although it is advised to have complete bed rest for a few weeks, you must engage yourself in some slow walking so as to prevent blood clotting. But remember that no workout or heavy physical activity is allowed during the recovery period.

Wearing the Right Clothes!
You are also recommended to wear the special garments that support your abdominal area that would retain good posture for the body and also prevent any swelling. Usually, it is worn for 3 weeks day and night, after the surgery. After that, you could remove it but only after the consultation with your surgeon.

Apart from all these above-mentioned points, you must stay positive and take this healing process with full enthusiasm. Your family should also be a constant support as you might feel dependent for some time even in doing small things like getting up from the chair, etc.

Finally, a tummy tuck surgery could be a wonderful way to achieve your appearance goals but always remember to be kind with your body and focus on everything you can do to recover efficiently.

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