The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

Successful cosmetic surgery is a coveted wish of patients worldwide, as it works effectively in transforming their appearance. Equally crucial is to maintain the results otherwise, they might regain the bad shape and have to opt for a correction surgery. 

Hence, whether you opt for a breast augmentation surgery, a facelift, a tummy tuck, or any other procedure, you need to do proper aftercare to permanently retain the outcomes of cosmetic surgery. Abiding by your surgeon’s recommendations would be of utmost significance in this context.

In the run, here are some worth considering tips to help you maintain your cosmetic surgery results.  

1. Healthy diet & regular workout  

Body contouring procedures are instrumental in regaining the aesthetic appeal of your body. The need is however to take care of the body properly. Practices like having a balanced diet, keeping your weight stable, and doing regular exercise would be essential to fulfill your goal.

Maintain a stable weight

Procedures like liposuction can help to remove fat from your body, giving you a toned and well-contoured look. But if you do not keep your weight stable, the fat cells will expand in the other parts of your body.

Exercise Regularly

A healthy diet could prove to be your savior in this regard along with regular exercising. While it will improve your overall health, your surgery results will also remain long-lasting. This way, you can bid adieu to those excess fat cells accumulated in your body forever.

Take Proper diet

It is difficult to follow your regular exercise routine during the recovery time, which may cause you to acquire a slight weight. Thankfully, you do not need to worry if you continue to take the right diet and perform activities that demand less effort. When your recovery period is over, you can get back to your exercise regime under the proper guidance of your gym instructor.

2. Protect your skin

Taking good care of your skin is paramount. After undergoing cosmetic surgery, your efforts to protect your skin from the adverse effects of the surrounding environment increase manifold. It will help you to retain the aesthetic appeal of your body gained after the surgery.

Do not strain your scars

During the surgery, your surgeon will make sure to hide the scars through perfectly created incisions. If you do not care for these scars properly, they can become visible and more comprehensive on your skin. The key is to avoid activities that could stretch your scars, like exercising excessively, lifting heavy weights, etc.

Avoid exposure to the sun  

Your surgeon will instruct you to keep your incisions from exposure to sunlight. In addition, apply the recommended scare care ointments and creams to avoid tanning and keeping your skin clean.

The key is to abide by the instructions of your doctor. It will help you to safeguard your skin from the sun and protect your scars from getting visible. This will in turn prevent any potential harm to your body and save you from investing additional money and time in any revisional surgery. 


3. Watch your habits

Your long-time habits or addictions could harm your surgery results. This is the reason why surgeons recommend quitting smoking or drinking alcohol before opting for the surgery.

No smoking

It is no hidden fact that nicotine is harmful to your health. It can lead to excessive bleeding during the surgery, which can defer your healing time. Moreover, smoking could lead to several complications after the surgery, such as: 

  • Unbearable pain 
  • Increased risk of scarring
  • Weak immune system, leading to infection
  • Nerve damage, leading to pain, numbness, or tingling sensation
  • Risk of blood clots in the treated area
  • Possibility of life-threatening health conditions like heart disease, cancer or stroke 

To sum up, it is better to quit smoking than to quit life.

No drinking

While smoking is injurious to health, drinking is equally dangerous for your body. Too much drinking can lead to risky behavior, flawed decision-making, hampered balance and coordination, and even life-threatening situations due to alcohol poisoning. The results could be more unpleasant if you continue drinking before and after the surgery. Some adverse impacts during the surgery may include

  • Problem with breathing
  • Reduced heart rate
  • Blood thinning
  • Conflict with anesthesia
  • Body dehydration

Owing to all these complications, it is better to avoid drinking at least a couple of weeks before the cosmetic surgery.


These tips may appear easy, but they are equally hard to follow. Specifically, quitting your drinking and smoking habits will require you to have loads of willpower. Nevertheless, if you want your surgery results to be permanent, there is no way but to follow the advice of your surgeon. 

You should be like an open book during your discussion with the surgeon. Tell the expert everything about your lifestyle, eating habits, ongoing medications, allergic behavior, and so on. It will help the doctor to assess your health condition and decide if it is fit for cosmetic surgery. 

For best results and valuable aftercare recommendations, feel free to visit Dr. Sumit Malhotra at SIPS Superspeciality Hospital, Lucknow. An experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sumit makes sure to provide one-on-one attention to the patients. In addition, you can remain rest assured of a board-certified anesthesiologist, advanced cosmetic surgery facilities, along with qualified and trained nursing staff. We can help you get the most favorable surgery outcomes and suggest significant aftercare tips as well.

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