Consulting with Your Plastic Surgeon – Essential Questions to Ask

Plastic surgery is the procedure to inflict a change in the human body through one or more surgical procedures. While some people go for this procedure to improve their aesthetic appeal, others opt for it to repair their body parts damaged due to an injury or because of any congenital deformity.

The plastic surgery done to enhance one’s appearance is cosmetic surgery. Likewise, the surgery done to restore the functionality of the body parts is reconstructive surgery. As obvious, doctors perform the surgery with a positive intention but the result could go either way. This may also necessitate a revisional or correctional surgery at times to make up for the botched-up procedure.

Vital stats to consider

  • A large percentage of plastic surgeries succeed in infusing the change, close to expectations. Here is a quick look at some recent stats to cite the rising popularity of Plastic surgery worldwide.
  • According to the Aesthetic Surgery Society, the U.S witnessed a 54% surge in surgical procedures in 2021
    Another 2021 report revealed a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.34% in North America’s cosmetic surgery and procedure market
  • The table below gives the information unleashed by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) about the top 5 surgical procedures worldwide in 2022 and the change in their numbers compared to 2021.

Sensing the popularity of these processes across the globe, you might also get tempted to opt for one or more of them. But before making any decision, it is imperative to be vigilant in the selection of the surgeon and the clinic where you are about to undergo the surgery. Before interacting with your surgeon, you should be prepared with a roster of questions. In addition, you should ask several questions to yourself regarding the surgery. Here is detailed info on these matters.

Questions for yourself

You might have a damaged body part due to an accident or because of any anomaly by birth. You may want to change your appearance for aesthetic reasons. In either case, you should try to find out the answers to the following questions from yourself before meeting a doctor. This will help you to prepare for the things ahead.

  • What is my reason before the wish to change in appearance?
  • Can the plastic surgery I wish to opt for help to repair my damaged body part?
  • Which of my body parts do I want to look more appealing?
  • Do I really have realistic expectations with the surgery results?
  • Is it the right to undergo cosmetic surgery?
  • How could the surgery affect my personal and professional life?
  • Is it the right time to consult a doctor about my wish to change my body appearance?

Questions for your plastic surgeon

Once you find the answers to your questions, the next important thing would be to prepare questions that you should ask your surgeon in a face-to-face consultation. Here are the important ones.

  • What is your qualification?
  • Do you have a specialization in the surgery that I want to undergo?
  • For how many years have you been doing plastic surgery procedures?
  • How many plastic surgery procedures have you done to date?
  • What is your experience in performing the surgery that I want to opt for?
  • How many doctors will be there in your team during the surgery?
  • What is the expertise level of the nursing staff involved during the surgery?
  • Will I get proper aftercare under standard hygienic conditions?
  • Will you carry out a body examination before performing the surgery?
  • To what extent can you deliver the expected results?
  • Can I see the before and after images of the patients that you have treated?
  • What is the success rate of the procedures that you have done so far?
  • Will there be any risk during or after the surgery due to my medical history?

Questions about the concerned procedure 

After thorough research and depending on your body condition, you should have formed a settled idea of the surgery that you want to opt for. In addition, on a detailed examination of your body, the surgeon should also have his opinion regarding the surgery. Here are some prominent questions regarding the procedure that you are about to undergo.

  1. How is the procedure beneficial for my body?
  2. Can you suggest a better surgery option after examining my body?
  3. What are the possible risks and complications that may arise due to this surgery?
  4. Will the surgery leave behind permanent visible scars on my body?
  5. Will the procedure need stitches to close the incisions?
  6. Will the stitches dissolve on their own or will you remove them?
  7. What are the risks associated with the surgery?
  8. I have chronic health conditions, what would you recommend?
  9. What will be the healing period?
  10. Will my recovery period accompany too much discomfort?
  11. In case of a long healing period, is it possible to shorten it?
  12. What kind of restrictions should I follow for prompt recovery?
  13. When will I be able to observe the final outcomes of the procedure?
  14. Will the result be permanent or short-lived?
  15. Where will you perform the procedure – in a hospital or an out-patient setup?
  16. What type of anesthesia will you administer to proceed with the surgery?
  17. How often will I need to get follow-up appointments for routine check-ups?
  18. On average, how soon can my life get back on track?
  19. What will be the total cost of the surgery including all the breakdowns?
  20. Will the cost include your fees or will it be an additional expense?
  21. Will my health insurance cover the surgery cost?
  22. What if the surgery goes wrong?
  23. Will you compensate for a botched-up procedure with revisional surgery at no additional cost?

Wrapping up?

Selecting a plastic surgeon is as important as deciding on a plastic surgery procedure. Looking out for the best surgeon holds the key to ensuring a successful surgery. Though it is important to have realistic expectations, the expertise and skills of your surgeon can work wonders in delivering favorable outcomes.

Preparing a list of essential questions would be a wise move in this regard. This will help you to ask the right questions about the plastic surgeon and the surgery that you are about to undergo. Prior to that you should do an introspection yourself to find out if you are ready to withstand a big change in your body through plastic surgery.

A recommended practice would be to interact with multiple surgeons and choose the one whom you feel gives the most satisfying replies to your queries. You do not go for surgery frequently. Instead, it is a rare occasion that completely changes your aesthetic appeal. Therefore, you ought to be wise in your decision regarding the selection of the right plastic surgery.

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