How to Choose Your Hair Transplant Surgeon Wisely

When you look at the mirror one morning and realize that you are on the verge of going bald, don’t just rush to the first hair transplant surgeon you can find.

In the last two decades, hair transplantation has become one of the common cosmetic surgeries opted by all kinds of people. Accordingly, the number of hair transplant surgeons has increased quite a lot. This number also includes many general physicians and unspecialized plastic surgeons in hair transplants performing hair transplant surgeries.

Though hair transplant surgery may not take much time like the other cosmetic surgical procedures, it is as complicated and as detailed as the rest. Only plastic surgeons who have gone through extensive training in hair transplantation can perform efficient hair transplant surgeries.

So if you are hoping to get hair transplants, then here are a few things you should definitely be clear before you walk into the surgery room.

1. The Professional Reliability of the Surgeon

At the very beginning, when you are searching for hair transplant surgeons, the first thing everyone looks for is the surgeon’s reliability. We may ask around for suggestions from our friends and relatives and get the name of a few surgeons. Once you have the shortlisted names, that’s when you have to dig deep.

● Credentials
Start by looking into the qualifications of the surgeon and see if the surgeon is qualified to perform hair transplant surgeries. Don’t be shy to ask the surgeon upfront during the initial consultation if you have any doubts. It’s not too late to voice your doubts at any point in your appointments.

● Accreditation
Next, go to the website of the surgeon or the respective clinic and look for the accreditations mentioned. Take note of these accreditations and do a simple search on the official website to confirm.

Board certified Plastic surgeon would generally be a member of APSI and would be listed on the official website of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India.

● Experience
Understandably, even the new hair transplant surgeons may just be efficient. However, with the experienced surgeons, you will find a great deal of research materials to be sure about the skills and their knowledge in the field.

● Patient’s Testimonials
You can find many testimonials of previous patients online. Make sure to look at the testimonials that are present on websites and forums other than the surgeon’s websites. These testimonials will give you clear insights into the previous experiences of the surgeon, his team and the hospital.

If you want to go a step ahead, you can even contact the Medical Board and check if anyone has filed complaints against the surgeon.

2. High Standard Infrastructure and Surgical Facilities

A highly hygienic clinical facility is necessary for hair transplantation to avoid any complications. During the initial consultation with the surgeon, make sure to inquire about where the surgeon will perform the procedure. Some surgeons may perform the hair transplantation in the local clinic itself, in which case ask about all the facilities, the surgical staffs and measures they take.

Some others may have tie-ups with hospitals where they will perform the procedure and ask you to come for checkups to their clinics. Get all such details and check out the hospital or clinic where the surgery is performed to see if they have all the required appliances and facilities.

3. The Techniques for Hair Transplantation

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is the Gold Standard of treatment. It involves Two procedures 1. Harvest, i.e. taking out root from donor area, and 2. Implanting into the bald area. Harvest can be done in two ways either through a traditional method where the surgeon takes a small section of the skin to prepare the donor grafts called STRIP method or through FUE where individual roots are harvested using punch. Both methods have there specific advantages and disadvantages.

In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), the surgeon removes individual grafts from the scalp and harvest the hair follicles. These hair follicles are supposed to be kept in a safe, controlled environment before transplanting it back into the balding area. This procedure causes very minimal and almost negligent scarring, which becomes less visible as the days pass by.

In these two methods, the surgeon needs to take precautionary measures in upholding proper techniques to prevent the grafts or the hair follicles from any contamination. Failure to do so will result in infections that can turn chronic or worsen your hair condition than before.

4. Your Comfort Level with the Surgeon

hair transplant doctor
Based on your situation, the surgeon will suggest the suitable hair transplant treatment complete with the schedules. During this session, you can ask as many questions you like and see how open the surgeon answers it. Your surgeon should provide complete information about how the procedure is done, the side effects and your life after that.

You do not want a surgeon who is reluctant to give information or isn’t interested in providing proper answers.

You need someone reliable and can make you comfortable throughout the entire process as, after all, you are paying for it. Therefore, make sure that there is no fear or doubt in your mind about the surgeon and see how comfortable you are in conversing with the surgeon.

Choosing the right hair transplant surgeon makes all the difference between messing up a hair transplant or getting your head full of hair again. During your search for a proper hair transplant surgeon, get all the details you want before making a final decision. Instead of going by the word of others, let your own experience speak for itself.

Dr. Sumit Malhotra is the best cosmetic plastic surgeon in Lucknow and is famous for his exceptional techniques used in treating his patients. With 19+ years of experience, Dr. Sumit Malhotra fully understands the human body and applies the appropriate technology needed to treat the patient’s body parts according to their desires. Dr. Sumit Malhotra currently practices in SIPS, Superspeciality Hospital, Lucknow where he has been operating since 2005.

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